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Don’t make a new year resolution for 2015
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Don’t make a new year resolution for 2015, why? When we set goals, we get into fear about having them, besides most goals are on your to do list. Why Margaret Lynch will tell you why you should not set a goal. She’ll also share with you 3 tips to help you to set a money goal. I bought her book... read more..

Creating Content for your Blog
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Creating content for your blog is a subject that comes up frequently in groups and in conversations. Welcome my Shoe-String subscribers.. I really just love using RSS to deliver content. I have moved you over to the Heart@Work’s RSS list.  One of the tools that I’m using List.ly I kept getting their emails, as they kept asking me why haven’t I... read more..

5 Tips to be Happy
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These 5 tips to be happy will happen when you allow yourself to open your mind and not ignore the negative but focus on the positive. 1. Achieve a Positive Attitude Everything passes and nothing is as bad as your imagination makes it—we all have had a headache or some kind of other pain, but can you remember the pain? No!... read more..

Are you a Social Business?
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Are you a social business? What does this mean to you? Do you have some aspect of it to give back or contribute to your community? Social Business – A for-profit business established for the primary purpose of fulfilling a social mission. Social businesses either dedicate a significant portion of profits to a social cause, or the business operations themselves address... read more..