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17 Ways to create a Marketing Funnel
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17 ways to create a Marketing Funnel, involves using a series of events that lead towards a defined goal, like from user engagement in a mobile app to a sale in an eCommerce platform or advertisement to purchase in online advertising. We need to keep the funnel going. Many of us have hidden profits in our business, so where is it? Do we know where to look to …... read more..

Are you disallowing to keep your customers
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Are you disallowing to keep your customers by throwing out or giving the thumbs down to ideas to retain them. This post is about how to retain your customers/clients. I prefer to call them clients as if they have purchased from me, then I want to respect them enough for them to become more than just a customer. As they are invested in my success. I talked about …... read more..

How to get better customers
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How to get better customers is by profiling who they are so you can attract better ones than you have now. I recently created a video on how to write up your ideal customer/client profile. Even after all these years when I have asked people who are their customers and how can I help them. The usual answer is everyone. The problem with this is, there isn’t a …... read more..

Ready to make a Business Shift?
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A business shift is when you decide that whatever is going or not moving in the direction you want to go you make a shift. We all need help some point in our careers, running our businesses to getting better results in what we want in our own lives. In my own personal life, I have found myself not being selfish with my time. I have had a …... read more..

The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool
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The ultimate lead generation tool is called Proximity Marketing, it isn’t just for the BIG guys anymore, now there are Royalite Gems for small businesses. What is Proximity Marketing? It’s location based and BIG retailers are already using proximity advertising, as it allows the advertiser to send specific messages to people within 100 meters/yards. It only works in locations that these beacons can reach people and have the …... read more..

5 Rules in Keeping Strong
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5 rules in keeping strong is what Vincent Wright believes that will help you thrive and use your time effectively. Written by Vincent Wright of Brandergy Rule #1:  FACE the problem… No one on Earth can claim to be successful without facing problems. Facing problems is an ESSENTIAL part of success. It is THE FIRST STEP to your success Rule #2:  FIND your strength… Every living person seeking success has strength…But, power …... read more..

Do you Value your Customers?
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Do you Value your customers, You can differentiate your business vs another business just by having better customer service Every business owner and organization knows if they want to attract and retain more loyal customers, they need to provide high-quality customer service. That’s why organizations today focus heavily on communicating how valuable their customers are to the organization. Now, the question is… How much do they truly value …... read more..