May your Light Shine Bright for 2015


31 Tips to Become Popular

The 31 tips to become popular was compiled by Artists, this will help you to get

Someone you ought to meet

Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Someone you ought to meet is a talk that I give and

How to expand your reach

How to expand your reach, means several things to people. Here are four articles to help

Want to optimize your sales?

Who doesn’t want to increase their sales? I mean really optimize your sales so you can

The Mystery about Google+

What is the mystery about with Google+? it seems although Google has launched this platform the

Never Say it’s Impossible

Nothing says, like “Never say it’s impossible” the best is Myra Goldrick, as she helps people

4 Tips in Getting Picked Up by Journalists

Here’s 4 tips in Getting Picked Up by Journalists to share your story or media. If

Simple Marketing

There is no need to be all over the place feeling exhausted and not having results

9 Quick ways to do shoestring marketing

In finding raving fans, all you have to do are these 9 quick ways to do

6 Easy Shoestring Marketing Tips

6 shoestring Marketing tips to get started in launching or growing your business. Whether you are

How to use Pinterest for your Business

Working with Pinterest, was something that came to me today, about how to use Pinterest for

2 Ways to Have Higher Engagement on Facebook

Here a 2 ways to have higher engagement on Facebook. The first way, this action may

5 Ways to Manage your Twitter Accounts

Here are 5 ways manage your Twitter accounts, after seeking out and trying out other platforms

How Buffer May Help You to Share

A discussion of how buffer may help you to share your content This review is about

Getting the best out of LinkedIn

Seasoned professionals who network are on LinkedIn, gave me their top tips in getting the best

One Small Act of Kindness

One small act of kindness. This message was delivered to my inbox, rather than sort through

Promotion is Crucial!

Many say artists and marketing don’t mix! Many artists hate marketing themselves. Promotion is crucial! Not

Having Your Own Entourage

Having your own entourage is possible. There are many ways we can, the next few articles

Sharing Your Story

Sharing your story in how and why you are in business or about what your projects

5 Tips to Get Media Attention

Whatever business you are in, we are always seeking ways to get more media attention. Here’s

10+ Reasons Why to Collaborate

Those who choose not to pursue to collaborate, I believe are really short changing themselves and

Building Relationships on LinkedIn

When you are working with LinkedIn, don’t think about the numbers or how many people you

Creating Content with Google Hangouts

Creating Content with the Google hang-outs, it’s a great way to add value and brand yourself.

Creating Your True Livelihood

True Livelihood, with Tad Hargrave and George Kao. Tad is known as the hippie coach. I

Negative Feedback

There are so many passionate bloggers, we work hard, we share and boost up each other

Are you dreaming BIG enough?

Is your dream worthy of you? Are you dreaming big enough? As I was thinking about

How to’s about Blogging

The business of how to’s about blogging is usually what most people write about on their

Social Circles is like a Garden

Social Circles is like a garden, so is your business or whatever project you take on.

Seagate Reputation Fumble

Seagate reputation fumble could be yours easily. Are you paying attention to your reputation? About two

How are you really inviting?

How are we really inviting sharing each others content or following people of whom we like

Love to Blog – Just don’t have the time?

One of the many questions that I hear people say..”I don’t have the time to blog!”

How to get more influence

Get more influence in using Google+. Having more fans, people to wherever you are directing people

It’s Not Just DPI

Two important terms you need to know and it’s not just DPI. The first is that

Going Viral with Ripplin’

Ripplin’ is now saying they are going to be the next Social App that you want

How to Blog

How to blog and what are some tips to blogging. This is one of the most

Crowd-Funding is it for you?

A few years ago crowd-funding was just up and coming, now there are over 700 places

Feeling Anxious?

I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, until today..”I’ve been feeling anxious” in the past

Sharing the Best Customer Service Experiences

What are your best customer service experiences you’ve had? Here are three experiences. Many more on

Heart at Work is Required

It’s incredibly hard sometimes to keep going, when there are so many reasons to give up,

Ways to Say Thank you

7 Ways to say Thank you. Once you have created a community or your own tribe

Artists How to Get More Sales

Artists, how would like to have more sales? You can, when you develop relationships with other

Relationship Marketing for Artists

Relationship marketing is the life blood of any business, especially for Artists. As your sales will

Know Who Your Clients Are

This video lesson is about know who your clients are. When we figure out who they

Ways to Get Customers

There are many ways to get more customers. These three articles, offer you a way to

How to Convert Your Prospects to a Customer

How to convert your prospects to a customer here are 4 ways in which you can.

10 Tips to Improve your Marketing

10 Tips that you can implement today to help you to improve your marketing in growing

Why Relationship Marketing Works!

Why Relationship Marketing works, it’s because people do business with people. Here are 4 tips that

Successful Networking as an Artist

The main thing about successful networking as an Artist is to always remember this: “It’s not

10 Tips to Keep the Funnel Full

In order to have ongoing clients we need to keep the funnel full. If you aren’t

Little-Known Ways to Spread Kindness

Don’t let the closing of Kindness Week stop you from spreading Kindness around. Here’s some ways

How are you Retaining your Customers?

Customer Retention is very important to almost every business. How are you retaining your customers?

How 2 Attract More Visitors to Your Booth

Attracting more visitors to your booth, will depend upon your audience your customer, the theme of

I Believe in Your Dreams

The ache in their heart was YES! I believe in your dreams. I will follow you.

Creating a High Performing Organization

After writing a White Paper about this topic ten years ago I wanted to see if

What’s a Money Tree?

What’s a money tree? I like to call it a visual view of what your revenue

Girlfriends you are not alone!

Girlfriends you are not alone! I’ve been speaking with many of my girlfriends, and most of

Enriching Women’s Lives

Enriching women means when we are giving to ourselves, then can enrich others including your family,

Happy New Year for 2013

Wow another year is passing we merge into 2013, wishing you a Happy Holiday and

How to have Great Relationships

Great Relationships are about order to have great relationships there are ways in which you

How to get more business..

If you want to get more business you have to be open in how to get

What is the Best Social Buzz have you created?

What is the best Social Buzz you have created and what kind of results did you

Creating a Social Buzz

What is Social Buzz? When I think of creating a social buzz I think of the

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, it’s more than going to a another holiday commercial sale. It’s to me about

How Can We Pay Kindness Forward?

How can we pay kindness forward? There are many ways, here are a few suggestions

Kill people with Kindness

As the saying speaks “Kill people with Kindness” this will turn people around in their perceptions

What do your Offer besides just your Event Services?

What sets you apart from other Event Planners and Services? I asked for ideas, of what

Get Your Event Done!

To help you get your event done! Heart@Work Productions has started Concierge Services for Events and

How do you Appreciate Your Clients

Why appreciate your fans, clients and people in your life? We all need each other in

8 Tips in Building Trust in Relationships.

Learning from our mistakes about not having trust in your relationships are usually are our biggest

Get Inspired with Heart@Work

Get Inspired with Heart@Work, a bit of a pun, it works! It’s all about bringing people

Do you have a Promotional Strategy?

People love new content, tips, how to's, anything that will help your audience their It's

Dear Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

Do you as a “Heart-Centered Entrepreneur,” or sometimes called a Social Change Agent? Are you having

Best Practices for Creating a Community

Here are a few best practices in creating a community for your business or yourself.

Share your Vision with Delight!

Share your vision by adding some delight in your life. Picture it what you want and

10 Best Ways to Rock at Networking

It seems that our circle of connections are becoming more important to us as the economy

Connecting You to Greater Possibilities

Connecting you to greater possibilities, it means we really want you to be very successful. Success

How often do you say YES?

How often do you say YES? OR do you say NO to opportunities? Every opportunity for

Imagine the Possibilities with Collaboration

Have you ever thought of there has to be a better way to grow your business?

Do you have a Tribe?

We all want to be a member of a Tribe or group, with our Tribe we’ll

14 Tips to Retain Customers

What are you not doing to retain customers? Here are 14 tips of why you want

Culinary Underground in Sedona

Since I love putting events together, I was thinking what can I do to get started?

Generate Your Own Client Stimulus

From these few ideas, you can create your own client stimulus packages, they are great ways

Ready to Collaborate?

My project that I am seeking partners who are ready to collaborate together. My intention is

12 Ways to Develop Relationships

Without having relationships with people, you will NOT have a successful business or life. Here are

How to Build your Confidence

James Evanow one of my favorite people, he's doing a series of video messages on his

How to Get Speaking Gigs

Since I decided not to get gigs for speakers, I put together a talk about some

Are You in Fears Bucket?

Over the past few days I have witnessed how relationships, struggle with money, with communication with

Are You Ready to Deliver Your Message?

Are you ready to deliver your message out to the world? For some people even very

Discovering Your Key Audience

Discovering your Key Audience is easier when you use Social Media as it’s ease of use,

Social Media Questions

Social Media Questions how it effects your relationships

Is Collaborating for you?

When I have shared a collaboration project like working on the book about Building your Business

What is your BIG dream?

We all have a big dreams, it's just being willing to share it and be it.

Step into your Destiny

HAPPY DAD’S DAY! May you have a great time spending it with your man in your

How to get more business

How you get more business by keeping prospects in your sales funnel. They write about how

Recession Proof Your Business

Ever feel like that you aren’t getting as much done as you would like? Or you

The Secret in Growing your Business

You know that you need to get out to network, however 90% of you don't

Trust is more Valuable than Gold

Trust is earned. Trust is more valuable than gold. People will pay for it. And if

Success Starts with Being Empowered

Every Entrepreneur needs help in their business.. I am inviting you to join a Mastermind Group,

Creating Relationships for Your Business

Be in front of the eyeballs of 
successful experts who want to build mutually beneficial relationships

How You Can Build Relationships that Build your Business

Come into my living room for a bit. I’m working with my mastermind partners, and we’re

What kind of Entrepreneur are you?

There are many kinds of Entrepreneurs and business owners you’ll want to be sure you work

Is it Gratitude Time?

Are you grateful for everything in your life? If not, is it Gratitude Time for you?

Are You Ready for Growth?

If you want more growth in your business or in building up your self-esteem and self-confidence,

What if You Could be Limitless?

Ever thought of yourself as Limitless? If you want to become limitless, you need to work

What is Self-Empowerment?

Self-empowerment means for us to take charge of our own lives to bring about the changes

Empower Yourself with Kindness

I do encourage you to empower yourself to find something that will allow you to grow

Why should you follow your passion?

Some reasons why you want to consider to follow your passion or starting your own business

Join the Womens’ Empowerment Movement

Empowering Women has been one of my callings for a while..I recently opened up my wish

How to Become Happier

On my own journey of doing a self-discovery of who am I? I woke up this

You have the Power to Transform your Life

Create a vision for yourself - whatever it is - own it. I want you to

Re-Creating You

What have your own experiences been, when work ends un-expectantly like getting laid off, or you

3 Things Needed for Re-inventing

Ok, you are ready to do something different, but what? Maybe you have always known what

Unleashing Your Power

We are all presented with challenges and opportunities, that we can either say YES! or not.

Are You Stuck?

If you are stuck in a rut, let me help. We all need a little

Creating a Community

Communities take many forms. Not just for customers or business communty or if you have an

How to do Grassroots Marketing

Grassroots is the best way start out.. It's really about culivating relationships with your customer or

11 Ways to Create Connection Evangelists

One of the things I have been doing more on a concious level is connecting with

Power Networking

Even as a Networking Addict, I am always looking for ways to be better. In the

Relationship Tools

Have you noticed lately of all the new tools, I want to share with you

How to Win at Relationships

The real answer in winning in our customer relationships is about creating more customer loyality, thanking

The Thank You Economy

The Thank you Economy according to Gary Vay Ner Chuk, who wrote the fabulous book Crush

How to Show that You Care

You want to share that you care about other people by being a good nieghbor and

We are in the Relationship Business

I am now a customer and I do refer others to use their services. Why? I

Do people like you?

Our relationships shouldn’t be taken for granted. How many things have people done for you?

Building Trust with Your Network

When you are introduced to a second or third degree connection at least one person personally

How to Nourish Your Mind – a Relationship with Yourself

It's a great video about how we allow our fears get in our own way in

Why do relationships have to be so challenging?

Recently, I was asked if I was interested in taking over a Women’s Networking group, since

Success In 10 Steps

It's about having a mentoring system, while you learn Network Marketing. I have failed at a

What does Being Human Mean?

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members

Is Word of Mouth Working for You?

Word of Mouth usually happens when we experience something wonderful the we want to share it,

How to Keep Strong

FIND your strength... Every living person seeking success has strength...But, power not found is power not available.

What is a Community Manager?

A Community manager needs to provide leadership and engage in co-operation is also needed. Be

What’s the Role of a Relationship Marketer?

Their role is simply to develop relationships with people and invite people to take a look

How Are You Making a Positive Difference?

Watching the mainstream news we do start to feel dis-powered. We become hopeless, tired all the

Is Relationship Marketing Important to you?

If not, I guess referrals and word of mouth recommendations aren’t important to you. This is

Relationships: Mentoring

Mentoring refers to a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person

Relationship Marketing

The key thing is you need to grow a very connected web of relationships with people,

6 Top Ways to Grow Business Relationships

Unleash your business by finding some secret tips in how you too can grow your business

6 Ways to Grow Your Business in 2012

Get ready to set-up for growth..these next few years between 2012 to 2017 and beyond. It’s

Relationship Proof your Business

The more active you are, the more people will want to engage with you - just

Why do Customer Loyalty Programs fail?

Nurturing a relationship is better than a loyalty program..anytime for any business. Simply it gives you

8 Ways to Sabotage your B2B Relationships

You your own business, yet you have forgotten about your frustration working in the corp world,

Networking for the Introverted

How can an introvert person to enlarge his customers basis and enlarge his relationships at same

One Change to Make a Difference

As you watch think about all the little things you can do to even make your

6 Ways to Retain Your Customers

What is Customer Retention? Maybe the question ought to be why do your readers and customers

How Reciprocity Works – Kindness

Reciprocity works much like kindness helping someone else – be sure to stay in touch

Why Video Marketing is so Effective?

Why I love Talk fusion and how to use it for your video communications, get leads,

What we give is more important than what we get..

Giving is the foundation that we build our careers and relationships on. Give for joy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for being a part of my Relationship Marketing Business, I look forward in staying

Be Your Own Inspiration, Free Yourself

If your life is your canvas, what and how do you want to create it into

What is a Relationship?

What is a Relationship and what does it really mean? What kind of relationships do we

Make Kindness Happen in your Life

The Kindness Hero Awards were given away on the 13th of November for 2011. I usually

How to Be Seen and Heard

If you really want to be seen and heard, implement a client appreciation marketing system. This

Are You Losing Customers?

The real simple way to measure is how many did you have last year over this

14 Ways to Grow Your List with a CTA

CTA are using ways to convert your visitors, readers, fans to op-tin to your newsletter or

How to Stay Engaged with People

Now onto what CRM or Customer Relationship Management tools that can help you to stay in

6+ Ways to Market a Local Business

Where do you find the best restaurants? or Business? Local Marketing By using Google places –

How Are You Boosting Customer Loyalty?

By bringing my customers/members together to build a community or tribe for them.It's called the VIP

What is Relationship Marketing?

I believe it's a part of your whole strategy - as you need to think about

Where to Market Your Business

This post is about Got Content? Publish it and I tell you where to go. Be

5 Things You Must Know About Your Customers

Customer retention is very important in business. A strong relationship with the customer and continues throughout

Capturing Attention in Your Marketing

Why use videos and pictures more often in your marketing?

Customer Delight

Today I am posting a great story on how I used Talk Fusion, to create a

12 Steps to Becoming a Networking SuperStar!

Many people STILL don't realize that business networking is all about building relationships. Today, I

Overcoming Your Prospecting Fears Forever

When you make the connection with someone, you are establishing your relationship. Practice builds confidence and

How to Introduce Your Business in 60 seconds or less

An effective elevator pitch makes a lasting impression, demonstrates your professionalism and allows you to position

How to Take on a Season of Change

Call it fall or autumn; it's a season that somehow easily conjures up change with all

How to Create a Customer-Centric Culture

Creating a Customer-centric Culture has never been more important in business, than it is today. In

Friendly Building Blocks for the Internet

For some people it’s skydiving and for others it’s the Internet!! Yes, the good old internet

How to Get More Referrals

If you want more referrals and better relationships there are just the four steps, you need

How to Get More Sales

Your customers want to have a long term relationship with you. They want more than just

How to Get More Customers

Converting your leads into sales You will want to establish credibility with each of your suspects

12 Ways to be Happier

Many of us including myself we go through times when they are tough emotionally and challenging.

The Art of Relationships

What I have found is that everyone is a customer, even your spouse be sure

Relationship Marketing & Social Media

Social Media and Kindness blends very well with Relationship Marketing, which became a natural fit for

How to Grow a Business with Loyalty

Many people have found by having a loyalty program has enhanced their business growth. here’s five

What’s the Difference Between Customer Service and Retention?

Is there a difference? Yes! I was speaking with a gal who was sharing me her

10 Relationship Tips to Keep Your Customer Happy

Do your customers/clients little favors - it will build goodwill and trust for a continued long-term

How to use Kindness..

How many horror stories have you heard about poor customer service? I bet we all could

How and Why Help Others?

It’s all about the little things that you can do that can help others. First of

Re: Post Take the Business Ethics Pledge

I pledge to support the “triple bottom line” of environmental, social, and financial responsibility and share

Where to Find Support Being an Entrepreneur

Some years ago, in fact September 2007 by best friend Dr. Bette Daoust and myself put

How Grow a Business

How? It's easy - we all work together to help each of us to get there.

How to Get Social Media Marketing Working For You

You definitely need a map to why you want to use social media, this is

How to use Guerrilla Marketing

You might simply need a few business success tips or guerrilla marketing ideas for a jumpstart. 

How to Follow-up from Networking

how many times people fail to follow up after meeting someone at a networking event. This

How to Get More Customers

You need to refine your business in how it is going to fit into your customers’

Is Your Website or Blog Dead?

It’s like a relationship, you want to nurture it , grow it, become closer, more active

What is Relationship Marketing?

Relationship Marketing goes beyond customer’s how you will retain the customer over the long haul

Give the Gift of Listening

Carol Deckert interviews Charlie Boyer shares what a give the gift of Listening – it’s a

How to Boost Your Sales

Do you find that people give you excuses not to buy from you? My question is

What is Relationship Management?

Relationship management is really just about managing yourself and your employees to deliver a great experience

10 Ways to Get Attention

When you’ve learned the Trust Agents secrets, your words can carry more power and more weight

What is a Social Circle?

There are a few different kinds.. Marketing, Social, Tribes, Mastermind groups and the like. They are

PR with Shel Horowitz

On July 12th, I did an interview with Shel about some Guerilla Marketing tactics, getting some

How to be a Successful Networker Online

We are always trying to figure ways to learn to be more innovative to help us

20 Relationship Marketing Tips

Nurture your relationships as it may take anywhere from 3 months to one year to finalize

How to have a High Performing Business

Just like peeling an onion, as leaders address the pressing issues, other issues will surface. With

8 Ways to do Word of Mouth Marketing

It's giving people a reason to talk about your products and services and to make it

Relationship Marketing Tools

My favorite Relationship market tools. to help you to be of service to your clients, referral

How to Use a Video to Communicate

You’ve heard the news, of how popular video is becoming in your communications. It’s another tool

Rethinking the Rules of Reciprocity = Why Help People?

The more you provide great content of how to’s with your marketing messages you will then

Are You Showing Up?

Would you do business with an individual who has NO photo on their Linkedin profile? Let

How are You Marketing You?

Marketing isn’t just about using social media, it’s also how you show up networking or doing

My Favorite WordPress Plugins

I am going to share with you all my favorite plugins and tools to use on

Empower Your Marketing Mindset

The kind of things that I find I am really into is using different forms or

Enlightened Givers

They love to give, they would rather say YES than NO! Their money, referrals are given

Is Social Media Making us UnSocial?

Out of my ramblings, about social media being unsocial is that we have gotten so used

I Appreciate You

This video is really about, just sharing my appreciation of you.

Connect and Retain Your Customers

When I was speaking with Daniel Alcorn about retaining clients, business relationships and how we all

15 Ways to Retain Your Customers

Customer Retention, whether it is Business to Business or Business to the Consumer, it is all

How to Create a Customer Retention Strategy

It’s important to identify what you want your customer to experience. This also becomes your brand

My Networking Angels

These are people who have made a difference for me and we quite often exchange referrals,

Help Me to Get More Customers

Blogging Challenge, to join you need to decide if you are willing to put the time

Do You Care and How Do You Care?

Thanks for reading and watching my video podcast. I decided to share an experience I had

How to Optimize Your Blog

Kevin is a member of one of the groups on LinkedIn posted his dilemma, he’s posting

10 Top Tips in Having More Relationships

How can you be abundant in relationships, networking buddies or referral buddies? Here are some tips

How to Grow Relationships on LinkedIn

Do you expect to have a conversation with every invitation?

How to Automate Your Social Media

There are some who would say, this is not a good thing and then there are

The Power of Tags & Bookmarks

What is a Tag? A tag is simply a word you can use to describe a

Are You Stuck in Your Business?

If you aren’t working your business or you are stuck, ask for help. You are

Relationship Marketing Isn’t Speed Selling

The biggest concerns in getting business is to Brand or Differentiate ourselves from what other people

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Why you want to use the Internet and social media marketing in your business, it's the

20 Reasons Why Your Marketing Sucks

Many times we don’t know why our marketing isn’t working for us, I came up with

How to Manifest

Manifesting relationships, money and a happy life, there are many ways and many teachers available to

30+ Ways Not to Lose your Customers

This post will give you 30 ways to use Talk Fusion in your marketing. I was

Inbound Marketing Builds Relationships

We are about Relationship Marketing..if you would like to contribute an article or share your own

How to Create Your Own Social Circle

By creating a culture for the greater good in working with people you can have the

How to Get More Quality Customers

This topic has been written about so much that I wonder if we have become blind

How to Develop a Referral Plan

You can choose important principles to guide your client's relationships. Principles that will help you make

Gals Can You Relate to This?

You wake up at 3:00 - 4:00am and you try to go back to sleep and

5 Ways to Have More Referrals..

Ask for referrals, these are people who have the same customer as you want to do

Shortage of Customers? 4 Ways to Get More

Lastly, whatever you choose to do to get customers, you need to think about your goals,

Creating A Referral Social Circle

f you are ready to create a Referral Circle, let’s start with a Business Service Referral

Creating a Nurturing Drip Campaign

Your audience will love you for this..growing better relationships for your business Using drip campaigns on

Are You Listening?

Are you fatigued or overwhelmed with all the variety of information that is available on the

What Kind of Gifts of Generosity do You Offer?

It all means to provide heart felt experiences within your business and in your community at

The Complainers

There are four categories or types of people you can plan for in advance. People expect

Customer Retention

This is meant to help you to understand what customer retention is and what to plan

How to Generate More..

Customers, fans, visitors, and leads that will turn into more relationships. HubSpot they have developed a

What is Relationship Marketing?

Most times people are confused what Relationship Marketing really is..I wanted to reach out to other

Building Collaborative Relationships

Collaborative relationships are when two or more people come together to work together to realize the

Shifting to Collaboration

Are you feeling overwhelmed, not leaving enough time for you for you to enjoy your life?

6 Ways to Grow Your Relationship Capital

When you are growing your relationship capital, you want to design a strategy to have more

How to Grow Client Relationships

A terrific way to help your clients and people that find you, so they can to

Relationships: The Party Principle

Please DO my social Media Marketing survey click here. If you haven’t figured it out by

Marketing: Social Media Survey

In order to serve you better, I want to find out what is working for you

Marketing: Finding Your Niche

What I got out of this book was, once you understand your archetypes, then you will

5 Simple Steps to be the Best Networker

This is about developing relationships with people. Start by having conversations with people. Make calls and

Benefits of Marketing Your Blog

Advantages of Blog Content Contributions From Sales Perspective Posted by Pamela Seiple We’ve compiled a list

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines day is tomorrow Feb 14, which also Kindness week begins. I have created a video

What is a Fan?

Leaders are scarce, why? Fearful of speaking up, afraid the discomfort of leading. Is this because

Competition Proof Your Business

How to create value and deliver products in a way that customers refuse to from anyone

Client Appreciation Marketing

Appreciation is an investment to those who you value. Your benefactors will feel appreciated and will

How to Add Value to Your Relationships

Do you have a business relationship profile? This part of the process in any business on

What’s the Role of Appreciation?

It’s the vibration of true love, that feeling of being in love. Love and appreciation are

Seth Godin: Create a Movement

Find something you are passionate about, invite people around you to join you. Not everyone will

6 Ways to Show Your Appreciation

I was reading the Where Magazine, and got the idea of a Tipping Guide for people

23 Things We Love About our Discussions on Linkedin

So why do we engage with groups on Linkedin, whether they are open or closed. I

How to Market Your Blog Series

Learn how to jump start your social media outreach with a fast, focused and proven strategy

Online Marketing Goes from Puzzle to Action Plan

Online marketing for the faint of heart can be looked on as a simple list of

How to Create Value in Relationship Branding

The new branding awareness is about when you take ownership of a commodity, a special talent,

Is Kindness the Perfect Platform for Business?

Reut Schwartz-Hebron is an international speaker and trainer. She is the author of Outswim the Sharks:

Secrets in Keeping Clients

How High Is Your Loyalty Factor? Originally posted on December 8, 2007 How often do we

How to Get Your Social Circle Network to Work

Happy New Year! Let’s focus on what we want this year rather than what we don’t

Want Do You Want?

This was a wonderful reminder as I was reading Jerry & Ester Hicks book on Joyous

A Heartfelt Christmas Story

Submitted by Lynn Miller The old man sat in his gas station on a cold Christmas

What Will Stop Your Business in 2011?

Not enough trusted relationships with your vendors, buyers, clients, guests will stop you in 2011. If

The Happiness Show

What do people really want? Here’s a clip about happiness..from the worldhappinesstv show, it no longer

How to Use an Auto Responder

Guide To Creating Powerful AutoResponder Letters by Brian Rooney AutoResponders are powerful tools. Successful online marketers

How to Stay in Touch

From learning how not to have Silence in your business you do want to have a

Is Silence Killing Your Business?

It's amazingly easy how Appreciation Marketing will work for you. Silence is a killer. If you

e-Mail Marketing is Alive & Well

Over the past few weeks, I have been asked what newsletter provider do I use..I have

How do you Define Social Good?

MBA students discuss their firsthand experiences from the Power of Social Technology curriculum at the Stanford

Why Do You Blog?

Technorati did a survey to discover a few things about bloggers about the growth and trends

What is your Social Media Strategy?

You’ve likely heard of a social media strategy, maybe you even wondered what is a strategy

What is your Personal Social Responsibility Factor?

About Arvind Devalia Arvind Devalia is a performance coach, social entrepreneur, speaker and writer who aspires

Building Relationships with Video

Marketing to stand out from the crowd, especially with being on line can be challenging. Most

6 Lessons in Treating People

Sheryl Curtis, sent me this message, to share. I think it’s an important one. Here’s 6

How to Start Giving in Your Relationships

Nov 13 is World Kindness Day! Happy World Kindness Day! “Performing act of kindness is one

How to Create a Relationship Strategy – Part 4 & 5

Welcome back to find out what the final steps are for creating a relationship strategy. Step

Networking is the Essence of High Performance Marketing

Did you know that 90% of salespeople don’t network is because they don’t know how to.

How to Create a Relationship Strategy – Part 3

How are you doing in this creating your own plan? I know it does take time

Kindness Hero Awards

Here’s my message to you: If you would like to nominate someone just use this form

How to Create a Relationship Strategy – Part 2

Step Two: Segment your List Once you have a good list of criteria, you should list

How to Create a Relationship Strategy

While doing some research about relationship marketing I discovered Andrew Neitlich, he has this article on

What Makes a Good Referral Partner?

We all have our needs and requests of people to be great referral partners..Carol and I

How to Win Friends and Influence People

A Review of Dale Carnegie’s Book “How to Win friends and Influence people.” The Dale Carnegie

Who Would You Prefer to Connect With?

As you are navigating on line in the Social Networks it’s important to the the same

What’s Your Social Currency?

When I started Heart@Work it began to as a Training company to bring an awareness of

How to Engage with a Social Media Evangelist

I started to write a post about enlisting a Social Media Evangelist to your campaign, what

Are You Getting Your Piece of the pie?

I was chatting with a friend about getting a piece of the pie today, she was

Relationship Management

CRM means Customer Relationship Manager, usually it’s software you use to manage your accounts, clients so

LinkedIn: Getting Social

Even though LinkedIn doesn’t consider themselves as a Social Network, Getting Social on LinkedIn is a

Learn More About Social Circles

What are Social Circles? Carol and Mari-Lyn did a call together to help you to learn

Video’s: Let’s Get Social

Video Marketing is a wonderful tool to help you get found and direct visitors to your

Seeing Greatness in Others

How you do feel when you get praised and compliments from others? It’s a pretty good

Insider Secrets for Customer Service

If Johnny Depp walked into your workplace today, how would you behave? If you’re like most

Your Social Circle – Part 4

To Begin to Grow your Social Circle – Start first by working your own Category 1st,

Get Referrals

I’ve been writing about creating your own Social Circle Series. They are about developing your own

Your Social Circle – Part 3

T.P.P. Time Patience Persistence is what you’ll need for part 3. Developing a new relationships requires

Your Social Circle – Part 2

The meaning of A.S.K. Ask, Seek & Knock A referral partner is someone who agrees to

How to Grow Your Social Circle

Did you know… That most professionals don’t actually have a plan of growing their Social Circle,

Listen: It Builds Trust

In any relationship TRUST is a major factor, without it, it will either end your relationship

Make Room for Friends

Whether you are a Open Networker, or just developing fans for your FaceBook or maybe even

10 Tips to Save Time

The Art of Saving Time By Renée Phillips, The Artrepreneur Coach As a creative individual have

Stumple Upon a Marketing Tool

There are over 11,088,296 members – it’s a free service that allows you to like or

Being Good is NOT Good Enough

For many independent business owners that seek me out, they are doing an outstanding job operating

3 Success Stories – What Are Yours?

3 Success Stories - What Are Yours?

The Art of Connecting

I’ve been reading the Art of Friendship by Roger and Sally Horchow, they are a father

Social Media Revolution 2

This is a refresh of the original Social Media Revolution with updated statistics and images. Created

How to Win Clients to Engage with You

Do you know what makes your clients tic? Tic’s definition is: “having regular repeated actions that

How to Get Cheap Traffic

Review on Comment tools that are available for you to help you get more visitors, simply

It’s All About Relationships

Everything in life is about your relationships, that’s why we network, go on dates, meet people

Secret of Marketing – Part 2

This is a continuum from my question of “What’s the Secret of Marketing.” I found that

Facebook: Not just a pretty face

By now, you’ve probably discovered some of the benefits of having a Facebook page for your

Is “Selling” a Dirty Word?

Reno and I met on Blitztime, and have kept in touch through Linkedin, Twitter – it

How Come Linkedin or Facebook Isn’t Working for You?

If you are wondering why or how come Linkedin or Facebook isn’t working for you, then

Are You Using Outdated Metrics?

This article comes at a optimum time..recently a report was released about WordPress & Google – 

How HIGH is your Loyalty Factor?

How often do we stop to think, “How we can get more readers or surfers to

How to Create an Inspired Business

Are You Ready? A niche, should be something you know about, something that doesn’t feel like

Take Your Online Marketing To The Next Level: SEO

Written by Ryan Chaffin who is currently a college student majoring in Business Marketing. He loves

What’s the Secret of Marketing?

For those of you who don’t know, I manage the Art Marketing Group on Linkedin, this

The Top 24 e-Mail Services

At some point in time, if you haven’t already you need to set-up a auto-responder service

Transform Your Blog – Ideas

Here are 7 people sharing how they have turned around their blogs, kept people returning, or

Get Organized with a Social Address Book

I’m using an interesting new ‘Social Address Book’. It’s one of Xeesm’s (pronounce ‘see sum’) social

How SEO Marketing Drives Clients

Does SEO really work? I was just being a devil’s advocate when I asked this question,

It’s the Little Things..

This post is a promotion for my calls that happen every Thursday at 9:00am..if at all

7 Ideas to Get Social Proof

The more social proof you can get, this becomes one of your tactics/spokes (I like the

The Power of a Winning Strategy

The Power of a Winning Social Media Strategy is what people really need right now. Everyone

Use Article Marketing as a Tactic

Written by Zeke Camusio , The Outsourcing Co One of the best ways to get inbound

How to Become the Talk of the Town

Here’s 20 Tweaks to improve your web presence and become known.. Every once in a while

How to get more clients

In getting more clients, we have to ask what is he most powerful way to get

Collaborating is the Future

Successful Business Networking: Collaborating is the future! These are some excerpts from Engineer-a-Business – written on

How to Lower Your Marketing Costs

Here are four things your can do for how to lower your marketing costs. Inbound Marketing,

Introducing: Maralyn Hill

Maralyn met me Linkedin, when the Pie Princess (this is me, another life) was promoting Sedona

How to hire a Social Media Manager

When we are ready to hire a social media manager or even a virtual assistant keeping

Free Hugs

Free Hugs are all around us. It’s up to us if we are willing to share

10 Lessons for Start-Up Marketing

This guest article is from Edward Boches, the chief creative officer at storied advertising agency, Mullen,

Introducing: Michael Hartzell

Michael Hartzell and I met when he accepted an invitation on Linkedin for a Mastermind Group

How’s Your Reputation?

Since Social Media all about Word of Mouth W.O.M. I would be curious to know.. how

Patti Womack

What I have noticed, since many people I know are out of work, it refreshing to

Blazing Your Own Trail

Strategic Planning Why do we need one? It’s like a blueprint in building your house, would

George Landau

George Landau, I met on Blitztime, networking..George has been pretty consistent in attending a weekly series

Don’t Ever Forget to Say Thank you!

I have asked the people I network with to submit articles to me relating to relationships,

Getting Social Media Referrals

Getting social media referrals, is using the social media, socializing with people will lead to getting

WordPress VS Websites

Is there a difference between WordPress VS websites? Yes! When it comes to blogging, for some

Defining Your Niche

Who do you help? Defining your niche is very important whether you are going after clients


What is Technorati and why should you use it. Technorati with its search engine, tags, feeds

Social Media Marketing Report

The Social Media Marketing Report got started in 2009, it’s certainly, worth reading to find out

Blogger Outreach

When I saw this article, about blogger outreach, I said, to myself YES!! Someone who agrees

How to Use SlideShare

SlideShare is a great marketing tool, listened to a webinar on how to use Slideshare. How

10 Lessons in Building Your Reputation

Building trust on line. These 10 lessons are simple to follow to help you in building

10 Lessons in Setting Your Policies

Here are 10 lessons in setting your policies of writing and how you are going to

How 2 Add Value in a Community

Adding Value in Linkedin Community, from community members sharing their view point

17 Lessons on Establishing Security

Here are 17 lessons or tips in how we can establish security for our readers and

No Time for Social Media?

Social media is word of mouth on steroids - referrals, viral, being the talk of the

Is Your Social Net Working – Part 2

Is your Social Net working, this is part 2, it follows you around wherever you go

10 Lessons on Building Trust

There are many ways to building trust on your website, here’s 10 lessons learned. You can’t

How to Create a Successful Community

“The goal of a successful community design is to bring out the community’s own internal direction,

10 Ways to Cultivate Relationships

There are many ways to cultivate relationships on line, here are 10 ways in which you

Is Your Social Net Working?

Every person has a Social Net..from connecting with people, by networking. The question is your social

Creating Content for your Blog

Creating content for your blog is a subject that comes up frequently in groups and in