What is an Entrepreneur?

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What or who makes a good Entrepreneur, is dependent upon your values, what is important to you and why do you want to be one. There have been many studies of why people become one or want their own business. To truly understand why one would want to become one is sometimes just born out of necessity. Many people if they can’t find a job, will create their own self-employment … read more..

How to Create Good Content

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How to create good content, is by providing customers with stellar content is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to drive more leads to a business. This is because the best content is strategic in nature. Good content has the potential to attract new customers, pique their interests and influence them to take next steps with the brand. For those who are curious about how to create good … read more..

How to stop procrastinating

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How to stop procrastinating, it just happened again. That project or task you were supposed to work on weeks ago is due tomorrow and now you’re burning the midnight oil to get it done in time. image by hcrcreditrepair.com Frustrated that you have done this to yourself yet again, you wish you knew how to stop procrastinating. Sound familiar? Are you continually scrambling to finish work you should have started … read more..

How long do you follow-up?

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How long do you follow up, really depends on the stages of your relationship and sales cycle is. Following up has many degrees of following up when you are doing sales calls, or perhaps you haven’t gotten to doing the first call. How do we overcome or continue to follow up and how many time should we continue to follow up? My colleagues on Alignable answered my question about following … read more..

Are your clients lost?

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Are your clients lost? They can find you with this simple service called Proximity Marketing. The Royalty Gems work very well for most clients who are looking for you. Like the gal says in the video it’s a crowded market out there especially when you are trying to reach the service professional, who may not have a website just a name and number on their vehicles. Sedona Pies have been … read more..

Power Partners

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Power partners are those of whom you collaborate with to help each other expand your network of referrals. Here are 10 tips in developing Power Partners. # Start with your objective – once you write out clear and specific objectives, it will boost your overall design and everyone will start on the same page. # Develop relationships with the person that you feel will work with you, it may take … read more..

How to get more Referrals

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How to get more referrals to some businesses is the life blood of thier business. The video introduces how you can get started in getting referrals. One thing about joining Alignable you have the opportunity to get to know more people locally and develop relationships with local business people. Ask for referrals from people when they like and trust you, they will be your customers, co-workers, colaborative partners, various social … read more..

17 Ways to create a Marketing Funnel

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17 ways to create a Marketing Funnel, involves using a series of events that lead towards a defined goal, like from user engagement in a mobile app to a sale in an eCommerce platform or advertisement to purchase in online advertising. We need to keep the funnel going. Many of us have hidden profits in our business, so where is it? Do we know where to look to find the … read more..

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