5 Rules in Keeping Strong

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5 rules in keeping strong is what Vincent Wright believes that will help you thrive and use your time effectively. Written by Vincent Wright of Brandergy Rule #1:  FACE the problem… No one on Earth can claim to be successful without facing problems. Facing problems is an ESSENTIAL part of success. It is THE FIRST STEP to your success Rule #2:  FIND your strength… Every living person seeking success has strength…But, power not found is power not available. … read more..

Do you Value your Customers?

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Do you Value your customers, You can differentiate your business vs another business just by having better customer service Every business owner and organization knows if they want to attract and retain more loyal customers, they need to provide high-quality customer service. That’s why organizations today focus heavily on communicating how valuable their customers are to the organization. Now, the question is… How much do they truly value their customers? Most of you probably … read more..

How to Create Value in Relationship Branding

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How to create value in relationship branding, it’s when you take ownership of a commodity, a special talent, concept or product. What is it that you stand for? What you stand for is an experience that your customers feel from you. Don’t be Shy. When it comes a time for you to take a stand, you cannot be shy about it, you need to back it up totally, no matter what other people think … read more..

Creating a new you

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Creating a new you comes from a talk I did about “Branding U.” Since 2016 is just around the corner, it’s a great time to create a new you in your promotional and marketing efforts. Your marketing should be including these elements. We all know that if you Google Branding, it will tell you it’s about creating your logo to brand your business. In this post I’m going to push it out further. Branding … read more..

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