It’s Not Just DPI

Two important terms you need to know and it’s not just DPI. The first is that Resolution (DPI) plus Pixel Dimension equals file size. Why is that important? Well, it has to do with the second term you need to know. “DPI” (resolution) is important for you to use but more importantly, what file size do you need, using a dpi of 72. Again, file size is determined by resolution and pixel dimension (height/width). … read more..

Going Viral with Ripplin’

Ripplin’ is now saying they are going to be the next Social App that you want to be using. It’s already gone viral, over 900,000 people have signed up for this free app. A new social media app is coming out that has got me and a lot of other people very excited. It’s a totally new twist on social media and will reward people!!!! It’s a new concept kind of like Amazon meets … read more..

How to be a Successful Networker Online

Here are 17 ways of how to be a successful networker online. If you are involved in business, then you know that networking is essential for your success. With websites like Linkedin, Facebook, Ning and other services it is easier than ever to network online. Unfortunately, most people don’t network. Here are some quick and easy tips to ensure successful networking online. 1) Your number one goal is to get your suspects to look … read more..

How to Optimize Your Blog

Learning how to optimize your blog is important there are several people to learn from. If you are on LinkedIn, or in other groups that talks about blogging you can get different answers and viewpoints. Kevin is a member of one of the groups on LinkedIn posted his dilemma, he’s posting 7 to 9 times a month on his blog, however he’s not getting the visitors he wants. When I looked at his site, … read more..

Relationships: The Party Principle

Please DO my social Media Marketing survey click here. If you haven’t figured it out by now Social Media is about relationships. So many people seem to think that the more connections you have then it’s about calling this social proof. I don’t agree simply because you can have many followers, if they aren’t willing to share information or promote you or even ask you how they can help you or collaborate with you … read more..

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