Rolodex parties are a way to introduce you to a Social Circle. Social Circles are those people you have categorized as your referral partners.

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Each contact is then selected to be in a certain Social Circle based on keywords or their affiliation.

For example I have mine categorized like this:

Financial – relators, mortgage brokers, bankers, financial planners, health benefits, insurance etc.

Construction – house builders, plumbers, electricians, architects, designers, etc

Creative – Artists, graphic designers, animators, designers, illustrators, Web designers,

Food Services – restaurants, bakers, food writers, wineries, chefs,

Health – Dr.s nurses, acupuncture’s, coaches, health services and products

Marketing – planners, strategy designers, branding, copy writers, barter

Professional – coaches, speakers, translators,

Social Media – those who specialize in this category (could fit into marketing)

Various – those are florists, send out cards, tour companies, hotels

Social Circles for me is about creating these referral groups who become your Power Marketing People, they help you to get sales. A very low percentage of business owners use referrals to get more business, because they don’t ask for them, or they don’t have a plan to work with. You need to be committed to work your business to get referrals, before you can do this you need to develop relationships with people 1st.

This is why I am so excited to offer you now is a series of Rolodex Parties – there will be a party for each category, once you have met and created some new contacts you can develop referral partners. Of which I will help you with this. Let me know you would be interested in being a part of the Rolodex Parties. This is where we meet, bring our rolodexes and exchange contacts with each other. Sure you will meet the people at the party, sometimes, they aren’t a good fit for you or they don’t do exactly what you are looking for.

By the way…there is no charge to partake in a Rolodex Party. It’s FREE. Being that it is free, you do have to commit in attending the party when it happens, via an RSVP, if you do a no-show with no notice to me, you will not be accepted to join us again. These events are not recorded to listen at another time. They are live events on-line and off-line.

Rolodex Party the 1st one is Monday Oct 24, 12 noon PST – when you arrive enter your 1st name to get in.

Simply fill out the form and let me know that you would like to be invited to a Rolodex Party. Also let me know what category you are in. Thank you!


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