Well-Being Services

Why an Employee Well-Being Service?

When you offer your employees a  program, it shows that you care.  They’ll have resources available to reach out for help. 

There are several benefits for this service.

When people are dealing with personal issues, family problems or substance abuse, stress and other issues – it takes away their attention from work.

The cost of not being well..it extends beyond just how people feel, it’s how they show up at work and at home. when their job performance is at stake, and when they burn-out. 

Well-being isn’t just about wellness

It’s about our mental health, inside and outside.. looking at holistic approaches  about our health. When we are happy then our health and prosperity gives us purpose, less stress more productivity

What about employee mental health?

A culture of high engagement predicts lower likelihood of new incidents of depression and anxiety.

It will reduce the impact for social, psychological and well-being challenges which your employees may have.

Increased morale and workplace happiness. The productivity and happiness will increase while at work. 

Let’s take a fresh look at having an employee well-being service.

Not only will you save money invested, you’ll have more engaged people working with you.  Your ROI will be returned in the long run.

It’s a BIG benefit, yet so many small businesses don’t take advantage of it.


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What my Clients say

“Mari-Lyn presented some ideas that challenged each of us to view our workplaces from different perspectives, points of workplace community, communication systems, people management, workplace wellness statements. I found the presentation enlightening and would recommend her seminars to other organizations.” Audrey Pihulyk of Possibilities Network – Edmonton, AB
I enjoyed working with Mari-Lyn for 3 sessions and in those sessions she helped me connect with a few deeply hidden issues in order to help me work through overcoming them. She also connected me to a few good memories that were also hidden which was wonderful--recalling happiness is a great thing. Thanks you so very much Mari-Lyn, I loved the last visualization you lead me through also and do it as I start my day or when I go to bed..
“Since working with Mari-Lyn, we have found that having kindness@work, has given our employees permission, to be more personal with each other. This has removed the “friction” amongst the staff and improved their productivity and communication. Working with Mari-Lyn has been very enjoyable.” Brian Sherrington – Signature Printing – Edmonton, AB
I did not know what to expect and I was surprised how much I got out of just one session. It was an incredible experience. Mari-Lyn instantly “got” what I needed from the session. Transformational - I would highly recommend Mari-Lyn.
reducing the risk of burnout

Reducing the risk of burnout

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It’s easy to release

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Have you lost anyone

Have you lost anyone?

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