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Pre-Launch Podcast series – Join Now!
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The prelaunch podcast series is about how to create an impactful legacy, reaching out to CEO’s and Business owners. For those who want to create a company with more productivity, profits and a happier workplace culture. Heart@Work has been promoting kindness. Now we are leading with Kindness, have been for quite some time. In the Podcast series I’ll be featuring speakers, business owners like yourself who are leading your... read more..

Ready to have Happiness?
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Who doesn’t want more happiness. Happiness is all about finding what isn’t working for you and reverse engineer it. If you are ready to gain more happiness you need to write a list of things that aren’t working for you, decide which things you are willing to let go of. The balance on the sheet of paper are the things to stop accepting or doing. Happiness also comes from... read more..

If you don’t have a Spider Web Capacity

Here’s The Next Best Thing  Give yourself 30 minutesfor a brainstorming session with me. Book your session with me Click here The time the we spend together will be valuable to help you to get clear on what is stopping you today. It’s spring!  Or it’s still coming, time to shift or add a new service to what you are already doing. And as I look out my window... read more..

Can you afford to be hacked?
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Or a breach.. most of us who are small business owners, gig workers, artists, entrepreneurs 85% of us will not be in business after one happens. What can we do about it? It depends where it all starts is someone sending you a Dear…. I’ve hacked your website and if you want it back pay me $ in bitcoins or a certain amount of cash. Many people think this... read more..

6 Ways to Stay in Touch
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6 ways to stay in touch with those who you care about – friends, clients and family. Relationships matter if they don’t then you’ll find yourself alone and lonely. I am almost finished by 30 Day Kindness Challenge of which I have been posting my tips, kind deeds on my Facebook personal page. Sharing business kindness tips and self-care ones too. On Sunday I reached out to a friend... read more..