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Strategic Planning
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Strategic Planning for small business owners could also be called strategic marketing. This audio call was created when Bonnie and I created a safe space for small business owners about what is strategic planning and is there a difference in calling them tactics. “What is the balance of where I am going and how am I going to get there.” What was surprising is how many people think planning... read more..

The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Heard About Kindness
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The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Heard About Kindness Is that it doesn’t work and it’s not measurable!! It’s not good for business. Let’s start with measuring of where you are now, take the Kindness Performance Indicator survey. Once you have completed it, take a look at your answers to see how you can improve upon your business. Here’s the KPI for Kindness survey to see where you are at:... read more..

Are you using Kindness in your business?
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Are you using Kindness in your business? The worst advice or suggestions around kindness in the workplace that it doesn’t work. Years ago when I was working with Kindness as a strategy to help businesses to have better relationships with their employees and customers, I was faced with some STRONG opposition. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like to be treated with kindness. I always wondered why? Years... read more..

How to build strong relationships
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How to build strong relationships with your customers. Here are some great answers from other business owners, just like you. Rick Sax from Credit Repair Law Firm Chartered Well, we have found over our 15 years that there are several minor things that go a long way. Customer service, 1st you need to actually listen and let them tell you their pain, only then will you build trust. Answer their calls... read more..

These 12 ways can help you to leave a lasting impression
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These 12 ways can help you to leave a lasting impression. People are buying trust and you are selling trust.  Be prepared to make a good first impression, your success rate will go way up. 1. Motto, “Never talk too much, and listen carefully” is the key!  If you talk lot sends the signal to your company, prospect or client that they are unimportant and that you aren’t interested... read more..

The Call for Love with Mercedes
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The Call for Love with Mercedes; Spirit is calling us to love more..are we hearing the message? A call for Love with Mercedes Warrick is just this – LOVE. I want to recommend Mercedes Warrick for some time..since working with her for a awhile now, I’ve had a great improvement in my own life and of course with this, I have to say that I am much more at... read more..