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Creating a impactful legacy means having powerful experiences by leading with kindness which makes a difference for relationships, communities and inspiring the human spirit.

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Suffering from ADHD?

Spread the loveSuffering from ADHD? Many people do and there is nothing wrong with you, you just operate a little differently. It’s key though that you get tested. Meet Dr. Jamie Vasilyan, specializes in Hypnosis for ADHD. After recovering from ADHD as a child, he decided to work with children who are autistic, kids who have ADHD. I interviewed him last week, if you want to know... read more..

Benefits of Marketing Your Blog

Spread the loveBenefits of Marketing Your Blog, 5 tips of the advantages of having and marketing your blog. Written by Pamela Seiple of Hubspot, originally in 2011.  Advantages of Blog Content Contributions From Sales Perspective    Not much has changed since then, the advantages of having a blog is about the same, plus there are so many new places to promote it now. We’ve compiled a list... read more..

How to Create Value in Relationship Branding

Spread the loveHow to create value in relationship branding, it’s when you take ownership of a commodity, a special talent, concept or product. This simple little story tells of how a simple concern will build your presence or brand. What is it that you stand for? What you stand for is an experience that your customers feel from you. Don’t be Shy. When it comes a time... read more..

What drives you? What hurts you?

Spread the loveWhat drives you? What hurts you? Whatever does, its the reason is why we experience depression, addiction, PTSD or simply we self-abuse ourselves. When I heard that we self-abuse ourselves, I was little shocked. Self-abuse happens when we don’t look after ourselves.. for me I have gained weight as I haven’t been as active as I was before Corvid. I’m walking more – got the... read more..

Client Appreciation Marketing

Spread the loveClient Appreciation Marketing discovering  opportunities along the way to optimize by making yourself a trusted advisor and you be the talk of the town. “One must be appreciative and have something authentic to offer, to be noticed.” It’s also where you take the time to really value and appreciate your clients. Give them the gratitude that they deserve. It’s more than just saying “Thanks for... read more..

Shifting to Collaboration

Spread the love Shifting to Collaboration by starting a movement. We need to shift our mind-set, by shifting to grow exponentially. Opportunities will come your way. Take what you know and start a movement. I have several ideas..Get yourself busy. You know that saying, “When my ship comes in I will be at the airport?” Well, this is what will happen to you when you start a... read more..