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Creating a impactful legacy means having powerful experiences by leading with kindness which makes a difference for relationships, communities and inspiring the human spirit.

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Seeing Greatness in Others

Spread the loveSeeing greatness in others, by giving them praise and appreciation it will help them to feel good about you, you’ll feel good about giving. When you are working with others the more “Great Work” or “Great Job” you say, you’ll find others will respond quicker and more positively to you. When you are coaching someone, or in Direct Sales it is important not to forget... read more..

Talk of Kindness at Work Used to Make Me Wretch

Spread the lovewritten my good friend by Kimberly M. Wiefling, M.S. of Scrappy Women The “Talk of Kindness at Work” Used to Make Me Wretch, Okay, okay, I’ll admit that I’m not the nicest person on Planet Earth. Kindness – An Essential Skill. According to the quiz based on Dr. Bob Sutton’s “The No Asshole Rule”, courageously hosted by Guy Kawawsaki, I’m 12.5% nasty – and that’s on a good... read more..

Take 30 with Kimberly

Spread the loveTake 30 with Kimberly about what she is going to talk and offer at the Kindness@Work Conference happening January 26-28th, 2021. Her view point is about helping organizations create higher employee engagement, by giving one of her work shock classes. I have experienced them, it’s quite amazing that within 30 to 60 minutes how everyone is closer feeling better connected to the people in the... read more..

Hopeful Days Ahead in 2021

Spread the loveHopeful days ahead in 2021, one of the many important things to remember is you have HOPE. Use hope for whatever you are struggling with now. Remember to always have hope and optimism whenever your are facing difficulties. As Emily Dickinson wrote: “Hope is a thing with feathers, that perches in the the soul. And sings a fine tune without the words. And never stops... read more..

Building Relationships with Video

Spread the loveBuilding relationships with Video, offers you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and add your own personal touch. Most people fail to do follow-up. after you meet someone at a networking meeting on or offline do you send them a note or card to thank them? The follow-up is the key to begin your relationships with them, even if you don’t see yourself... read more..

What’s the mystery of kindness?

Spread the loveThe mystery of kindness is that many people like to promote it, share it, however they themselves may think it doesn’t work, so they don’t practice it. I took on a job for a few months the girls in the office are young, they for some reason seem to think if they assert themselves as bosses it positions themselves as in authority. They are rude,... read more..