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What products or services do your clients expect?
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What products or services do your clients expect from you? It’s a great question, too often we take the lazy way out by saying, value, good prices and services. This may be true in some cases. It’s not quite enough. Have you asked your customers what they want and expect of you? Are the answers what you would expect to get from a supplier or an artist of whom... read more..

If you want to Attract new Clients
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If you want to attract new clients, then you have to act! It’s all about learning and discovering a new way to re-think your marketing strategies. Learning “how to” Attract customers to your services, I can certainly help you. What are you doing to get customers and retain them? Is it working for you? Are you ready to experience a totally different way to attract & retain customers? If... read more..

4 Tips for Making Your Customers Special
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The 4 tips for making your customers feel special are really simple. Being thoughtful, nice and kind just takes you some time to pay attention. If a celebrity walked into your office, how would you behave? If you are like most people, you would stop, stare and drop what you are doing to pay attention to them. Eager to to serve them. If Halle Berry walking into your restaurant,... read more..

What kind of touch points are you doing?
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What kind of touch points are you doing, these points or reaching out efforts are about growing your relationships with your current and future customers. The idea of reaching out to them should be more about 80% relationship and 20% marketing and sales. How to you start to create the trust factor in your practice or business? It’s what Josh Turner has written about “The-Trust-Equation-1.” It’s not new material... read more..

Why Relationship Marketing
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Why Relationship marketing, it’s better for customer loyalty and increasing sales. Writing about this topic became important to me as I saw LOWES switch when the new CEO came on board. There have been a lot of changes which angered the community and the people who worked for them. In a sales only based company the only thing that matters is sales. There are several ways to get sales,... read more..

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019! This is the word for today, along with the activities that people are used to doing. Like football, playing board games and just hanging out with friends. Look forward in conversing with you this year! read more..