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Showing you how kindness works and how you can profit from it. Wear your heart on your sleeve..No one should be caught without it!
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Podcast Creating an impactful legacy

Creating an Impactful Legacy Podcast

"To create a meaningful, experience of leaving legacy of Kindness that makes a difference. Inspiring the human spirit." Entrepreneurs are making a difference, by sharing their stories and legacies.
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Legacy Playbook

Legacy Planner

Would you like to have your dreams fulfilled? Leave a legacy. by starting with the end in mind. The Legacy Planner is all you need to begin. "Everyone has a legacy, what's yours?" read more


“Mari-Lyn presented some ideas that challenged each of us to view our workplaces from different perspectives, points of workplace community, communication systems, people management, workplace wellness statements.
I found the presentation enlightening and would recommend her seminars to other organizations.” Audrey Pihulyk of Possibilities Network – Edmonton, AB
Audrey Pihulyk
“Since working with Mari-Lyn, we have found that having kindness@work, has given our employees permission, to be more personal with each other.
This has removed the “friction” amongst the staff and improved their productivity and communication. Working with Mari-Lyn has been very enjoyable.” Brian Sherrington – Signature Printing – Edmonton, AB
Brian Sherrington

Frequently asked questions

Hypnosis – can help you dig deeper to discover your blockages.  CBT which is more about asking questions – counseling..cognitive behavioral therapy. Listening/Venting.  Group Coaching which is like having accountability in your life. Workshops – creating your playbook. Wellness & Kindness


Mostly via Zoom, or until it’s safe to meet in person during COVID.
My services are customized to fit the clients needs. Currently most of the training is on Zoom.  
I’ve come to believe through my own journey and helping other people, if we take care of ourselves, (self-kindness)  we create a better world. We can heal the world with self-kindness.