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Creating a impactful legacy means having powerful experiences by leading with kindness which makes a difference for relationships, communities and inspiring the human spirit.

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Your Power is Now

Spread the loveYour Power is Now. We each have a choice, by taking in a breath in and out. Want to stay in your bubble? Some days like today, I want to go back in my bubble. I know I have the power. I listen to meditations to help me be in my power. What are some ways you stay in your power? Here are some mediations... read more..

It’s happening again!

Spread the loveIt’s happening again! the Kindness Matters Conference, got a great line up of speakers ready to go, resources for you to help you to get kindness in action. Of course we’ll be adding a couple more speakers.. just confirming the last few. This time it will be a 3 day event, just with 12 speakers rather than 22. My goal is to do them 3... read more..

Seth Godin: Create a Movement

Spread the loveSeth Godin: Create a Movement how many of us are still trying to figure out what we want to do when we grow up? How about the need to re-invent ourselves. I find re-inventing myself quite often. Now that I am living is a beautiful place, a very small community a tourist town. I’ve wondered now for the past year what am I going to... read more..

Suffering from ADHD?

Spread the loveSuffering from ADHD? Many people do and there is nothing wrong with you, you just operate a little differently. It’s key though that you get tested. Meet Dr. Jamie Vasilyan, specializes in Hypnosis for ADHD. After recovering from ADHD as a child, he decided to work with children who are autistic, kids who have ADHD. I interviewed him last week, if you want to know... read more..

Benefits of Marketing Your Blog

Spread the loveBenefits of Marketing Your Blog, 5 tips of the advantages of having and marketing your blog. Written by Pamela Seiple of Hubspot, originally in 2011.  Advantages of Blog Content Contributions From Sales Perspective    Not much has changed since then, the advantages of having a blog is about the same, plus there are so many new places to promote it now. We’ve compiled a list... read more..

How to Create Value in Relationship Branding

Spread the loveHow to create value in relationship branding, it’s when you take ownership of a commodity, a special talent, concept or product. This simple little story tells of how a simple concern will build your presence or brand. What is it that you stand for? What you stand for is an experience that your customers feel from you. Don’t be Shy. When it comes a time... read more..