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What does increasing referrals mean to you?
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What does increasing referrals mean to you? Do you have a program or system that helps you get more? Many people will ask on forums the best way to ask for referrals and how do they get them. I see this question all the time. I would say, if you have asked and you still can’t get referrals then ask yourself what am I doing wrong? * Look at... read more..

Does Kindness Really Work?
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Does kindness really work? If you think this is true, then you ought to test it out. A friend of mine Kimberly Wiefling is the author of Scrappy Project Management, published in Japanese, and the executive editor of the whole series of 5 “Scrappy Guides.” Her favorite is Scrappy Women in Business, a collection of the stories of a dozen scrappy businesswomen. She works primarily with globalizing Japanese businesses,... read more..

Strategic Planning
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Strategic Planning for small business owners could also be called strategic marketing. This audio call was created when Bonnie and I created a safe space for small business owners about what is strategic planning and is there a difference in calling them tactics. “What is the balance of where I am going and how am I going to get there.” What was surprising is how many people think planning... read more..

The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Heard About Kindness
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The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Heard About Kindness Is that it doesn’t work and it’s not measurable!! It’s not good for business. Let’s start with measuring of where you are now, take the Kindness Performance Indicator survey. Once you have completed it, take a look at your answers to see how you can improve upon your business. Here’s the KPI for Kindness survey to see where you are at:... read more..

Are you using Kindness in your business?
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Are you using Kindness in your business? The worst advice or suggestions around kindness in the workplace that it doesn’t work. Years ago when I was working with Kindness as a strategy to help businesses to have better relationships with their employees and customers, I was faced with some STRONG opposition. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like to be treated with kindness. I always wondered why? Years... read more..

How to turn your rolodex into money
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How to turn your rolodex into money, wow you could make a lot of money. The problem is mostly likely you don’t know to get started. The second problem is that is takes a bit of time and effort to create relationships from your contacts which can turn into sales. Getting referrals by having loyal customers needs attention to the details and being creative about it. One thing I’ve... read more..