80% of employees are disengaged at work

- Disengagement is expensive: lower productivity, higher employee turnover

- A kind workplace increases employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention

I create kinder workplaces from the C-Suite on down.

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What do Bullies want?

What do Bullies want? They want to be heard! Bullies haven’t learned how to communicate to get what they want instead they do mean and nasty things to people. Until someone says “Enough!” By asking them, what do you want?  The most common things they do to get attention from other people: The falsely accuse of other people of any mistakes the bully makes  They get angry when any... read more..

Should I write a book?

Do you keep thinking “I should write a book?”  Yah, I did for years, and it’s a ton of work. It took my business partner and I to write Build Your Own Business for start-ups about a year. Also did a collaborative book with Tim Moores, ten story tellers & myself about Kindness@Work, we didn’t have quite enough stories to get the book published even with Create Space. It... read more..

How to increase happiness in business

To increase happiness in business requires consistent efforts on the leadership team. If a small country like Bhutan can set large sustainable goals, there’s no reason why you can’t. Let’s start with the Kingdom of Bhutan, who committed to the UN in July 2011 along with 68 other nations joined in out of 193 members of the UN, to do the following: 60% remain under forest cover 50% under... read more..

How to become happier

How to become happier means that we need to take at look at how we view the world, even amongst the political angst. It’s really about how I feel about me. As we age, we tend to become more aware of ourselves and our viewpoints.. I guess I’ve been aware or knowing that self-development has always been important to me. I always want to present and be a better... read more..

How Kindness Impacts Productivity at Work

How does Kindness impact productivity at work, let’s give you a better perspective. Do you see these traits in yourself of being respectful & considerate? Ask yourself: Do you practice kindness? Having difficulty answering these questions is a common occurrence. With how bombarded we are by violence in the news, how easy it is to anonymously spread hate online, and the unforgiving “cancel” culture in our Gen Z children... read more..

What black holes are you slaying?

What black holes are you slaying?  Are you looking for someone to reduce your pain in your business or are you working on stopping the pain from reappearing? We all have some sort of pain, whether it’s trying to hire someone that would suit the culture in the workplace or just want the hurt to end.  You discover there are so many resumes that you need to go through,... read more..