13 Tips to Improve your Life

13 tips to improve your life, there are several strategies or action steps you can take to improve the overall experience of your life. BE well and live well

As I have been thinking what’s next, what can I add to the Doula Giver services that will actually benefit more people? while I continue to learn and improve upon what I am doing, there are things you can do to help yourself. The year is young, lots of time to implement your goals and dreams.

  1. Setting goals or as I say setting your intentions what’s important for you?  Over last weekend I joined a friend as she did another workshock, inspiring our own visions and creating a collage to remind me what I want. On the weekend, I did with class with my friend Kimberly Wiefling, it was about creating your vision board and and expanding your BIG Hairy dreams.. Any way it’s really good, this would be my second time doing it, what I found is my Possibilities were too small. For someone who wants world kindness to happen you can’t do small visions.
  2. Generous Listening:  She also taught me about generous listening.. because I seem to attract people who like to do a lot of talking.. Kimberly said, maybe these gals, don’t have anyone to listen to them so they call you, because you listen. Their cups are so full of not having any one who has paid attention to them… they need to express, speak take up your space to feel they are ready to listen themselves.  The solution is to do Generous Listening.. “just let them talk.”. 
  3. One of the things Kimberly taught us was to ask people how are you really feeling? Or how are you really? Rather than How are you.
  4. Self-care, this involves taking time out, for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being through activities such as exercise, healthy eating, sleep, and stress management.(sometimes, this is a tough one for me)
  5. Cultivating relationships with old friends or acquiring new ones. Increasing the depth they are at.
  6. Keep your mindset positive,  learn to listen – giving space for someone to listen to.learn from your failures. How can you see them as opportunities? I have friends who call themselves the Fun Twins, no stress or worry is not allowed.
  7. Meditate or practicing mindfulness, center yourself be quiet and just listen. right out things you are grateful for. Learn to live in the moment, not in the future nor the past
  8. Finding purpose at whatever you are doing day to day. What do you want to contribute to the world. What do you want people to remember you by?
  9. Resilience, practicing the ability to bounce back from difficult situations. Having a positive mind set.
  10. Managing your money, minding it. Saving.
  11. Set your priorities when it comes to your time.. as it’s the only thing that we can’t get back. Make time for you.
  12. Self-reflection. Find ways to continually learn personally, professionally, gain experiences that will enhance your life.
  13. Listening to myself and to being really conscious about listening to others is an under appreciated activity.

In my new posts about living unhoused, I’ll share some of my challenges and what to do about them. Being at ground Zero has given me the opportunity for more self-care.

Empathic listening is the best way to listen when you truly listen, notice the other persons feelings. For coaches, parents, and counsellors listening  is one of the best way to open up the channels of communication.

Turn around and ask them “How are you really?

The 13 tips to Improve your Life are just the beginning, I am sure you you can add more to have a life that you are living fully and happy. The featured picture is from the workshock than I attended. More about Kimberly Wielfling

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BE well and live well


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