20 Reasons Why Your Marketing Sucks

20 Reasons Why Your Marketing Sucks, if we don’t know who our customer is, often our marketing doesn’t work.

1. You don’t know who your customer is or who buys your product or services. Just because your product could be used by several people, the more you narrow down your niche/audience the more successful you will be.

2. You don’t the value you offering your customer. This is a challenge when you 1st start out sometimes. When you under price or over price your products your services then people aren’t really sure of you. Survey people, do your research. Be confident in what you are offering.

3. You don’t do very much marketing or know how to brand yourself so you don’t do any. Do something. A friend of mine was having trouble getting people to her events. She just started to make phone calls to get people there.

4. You don’t have a strategy in getting where you want to go. Create a simple mind map will help you. You can also contact me for help. I love creating strategies.

5. You don’t have a marketing plan – if you have nothing written down you are likely not going to achieve what you want to. Get a mentor if you don’t know what to do. Or take a class.

6. You don’t have a Blog – client magnet. Get started.

7. You don’t write and post your content regularly a minimum of 2x per week and don’t have a schedule or a list of topics. Speaks for itself, when you are first starting. There are many different view points on this issue. Some say 3x, some say write one 1,500 word post?

8. You don’t develop a list of fans, subscribers or customers. Go back to question #1.

9. You don’t develop relationships with people and stay in touch with them. Whether its phones calls or emails or events.

10. You have ads posted all over your blog, to drive traffic or try to sell other peoples stuff rather than your own.

11. You don’t have a call to action on your site – like subscribe to my blog, newsletter 

12. You don’t use video’s, presentations or other multi-purpose content.

13. You don’t have a mentor or coach to help you, to a multitude of things a mentor or adviser can help you with.

14. You don’t take action everyday, too much procrastination. Waiting for things to be perfect. Just start where you are now.

15. You don’t invest any time or money in yourself, learning new tools or read books in how to do what you want to have happen

16. You don’t invest in changing your mind or think positively or THINKING BIG. Dreaming Big.

17. You aren’t consistent in your marketing efforts

18. You don’t make a decision to get unstuck. See #14.

19. You don’t ask for help, see #13.

20. You don’t go out networking see #9.

Let me know how you are making out or if you have anything to add.

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20 Reasons Why Your Marketing Sucks 1

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