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Blogger Outreach

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When I saw this article, about blogger outreach, I said, to myself YES!! Someone who agrees with me. (or maybe in this case I agree with Susan).

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Susan Payton is the Managing Partner of Egg Marketing & Public Relations, an Internet marketing firm specializing in blogger outreach, social media, and PR. She is also the blogger behind The Marketing Eggspert.

With so many different marketing, advertising and PR channels out there, it’s hard to be heard above the noise. One relatively new approach is blogger outreach. The opinions of Bloggers are heard and respected by thousands, but many companies still ignore their reach. It’s new, unknown, and they don’t understand how to track ROI. Essentially, it’s not like “old school” marketing, so they don’t like it.

That’s a shame, because while those companies are clinging to print ads and TV commercials, other brands like Cover Girl and UbiSoft are building lasting relationships with Bloggers that are getting some serious attention.

By targeting and building relationships with Bloggers that address your audience, you can garner effective, unbiased reviews of your products. Their readers will be introduced to your brand, get interested in it, visit your site, and hopefully buy.


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