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How to hire a Social Media Manager

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How to hire a social media manager or even a virtual assistant is about keeping your reputation alive and strong.

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Here are 18 things to they could do to help you personally or for your business.

A Social Media Manager or Marketing Virtual Assistant is on your side in keeping your reputation Be Alive, Healthy and Visible There are several things you can have this person to do for you.

Communication and having conversations is the most important thing. Each party needs to understand what you want and they are to do. If you are not communicating what you do, or what you want someone else to do then you are guilty. Without clear expectations it will effect the overall results that you will get or have.

Know what you want
It reminds me of this gal who wanted my help..she kept asking me what I could do for her and give her a proposal.

Well, 1st of all I don’t know what she wants, there isn’t any point giving her a menu of my prices.. because she wouldn’t be able to see the value my services.

With this scenario, she really wouldn’t get what she is expecting or wanting to have happen, because she isn’t clear. Perhaps, it could just be that she doesn’t know what she really wants or needs.

What will you get?
That’s why it is important for you to make an appointment and ask questions, or let the professional ask you questions to gain some clarity what direction what you want. Make a few appointments, trust your instincts of who you would like to work with. If you feel heard and cared for, then pick them. When you know where you are going you can then put together a Social Media Marketing Strategy and tactics to achieve the end results.

When you are ready to hire someone to help you – Here’s some suggestions:

  • Social Media Profiles Setup and Management
  • Frequent updates to profile pages with relevant content that will be of interest to your audience and demographics that is active on social networks
  • Keeping social stream engaging and also making sure the content has relevant keywords for search engines
  • Driving people to your website and sharing relevant content on social media platforms.
  • Getting followers and fans who have high social rank for building better rank of your profiles and pages
  • Engagement in discussion on relevant forums and community sites
  • Inserting guest articles on your behalf and sharing survey/industry insights data with relevant Bloggers
  • Monitoring user feedback and collecting/analyzing traffic data from social networks
  • Integration of widgets, applications, and promotional collateral on websites and social media profiles
  • Close collaboration with customer service to resolve any issues that can affect online reputation
  • Duties may include online advocacy, community-outreach efforts, promotions, etc.
  • Regularly give feed back, insights, from doing the monitoring – what’s working, challenges or solutions
  • May even organize in-person events, or town hall meetings to get some feedback from your clients or the community
  • Conversations are the core of their responsibility
  • Write copy and do Public Relations
  • Could be arranging Logo design or graphic design work
  • Could do website/blog design and set-up’s
  • What are your suggestions or things you do for someone?

    Love & Success,
    Mari-Lyn Harris

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    1. Karl Hummel
      | Reply

      Hi Mari,

      As a somewhat new Internet Marketer myself I keep my eyes and ears open on the newest successful trends in the industry of Internet Marketing. There has recently been a push in the area of hiring someone to do your social networking for you and for good cause. It takes a lot of time for someone to do properly and most people do not have the time or the knowledge of how to do this correctly. Your post sheds great light on what people should look for an expect when hiring a Social Media Manager.

      Thanks for sharing!

      To Your Continued Success,


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