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It’s All About Relationships

Everything in life is about your relationships, that’s why we network, go on dates, meet people for coffee, for lunches and social gatherings. We all do this to meet some need, whether it’s for life partners, establishing clients, friends, employees or strategic alliances.

What happens after is what really matters. Do you follow-up? Do you ask for the sale, or the friendship or the relationship to begin? Do you ask yourself what your intention is for this relationship? Do you give a BONUS or GIFT?

After all the effort to engage someone to establish a relationship, what do you do then? Did you know it take seven times, before a suspect is even interested in engaging with you? Do you send a thank you note, or give them a call? Do you ask if you can proceed with the next step? Or do you drop the ball?

It seems to me this step is where most people drop the ball. I call it a strike #1.

If you have given a follow-up call and now engaging in conversations toward having a relationship, whether it’s personal or biz how are you keeping your new relationship fresh? What after care do you do? Or do you feel, well I got the sale or the interest so I don’t have to do anything else?

If you do this, you are dead wrong, this is where the bleeding starts. People will start to fall out of ‘like’ with you anywhere from a week to three months. When people start to fall out of ‘like’ with you or your company you need to find out why. Was there something you said, you would do and haven’t done yet? Was it a call, send them information, connect them with someone else or arrange for training? You get the idea.

How do you show you really care? What warm and fuzzy thing do you do to refresh this wonderful relationship? When you are shopping to get what you want and it arrives, you need to look after it. (my mom and dad used to tell me all the time you better look after it, especially when I got something I really wanted, like my red tricycle, another story).  Send someone a card..just because.

There is a cost to you if you don’t? Not only may you lose that customer, employee, that personal relationship you will lose referrals, people may bad mouth you, you’ll lose your reputation, trust and respect. Which is a greater loss for you, your reputation or your considerations for not following up?

It’s all about Relationships, people will stay where they feel valued and appreciated. Period!

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