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Listen: It Builds Trust

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In any relationship TRUST is a major factor, without it, it will either end your relationship unless the both of you are willing to work it out. It will take time, as it takes small leaps of faith to grow and develop confidence with each other.

Keep your friends, associates and connections best interests at heart. When you accept a friends’ request to join you on FaceBook – write them a short note of Thanks. If someone accepts your invite to Linkedin, say Thank you and offer them a tip – Carol Deckart says “She will refer them to someone who can help them use Linkedin more effectively” – I will often share “How they can create their own Social Media Map.” or ask “How can I support them?”

Twitter, you can write them a Thank you through a Direct Message manually or use SocialOmph to do this automatically.

Keep your friends secrets, share how you feel about your friendship. The more you give the more you receive. In a healthy relationship listening is important, as you want to be present to really hear what they are saying, the clues to discover what problems they have, what their interests are so you can provide a suggestion or a solution or just more conversation. Make sure that there is an equal balance of listening and talking. If you are doing too much talking, stop and start to listen a little more.

Speaking of listening, on Thursday, September 9, 2010 @ 9:00am PST – I am opening up my calls to you while we’ll discuss “What makes you different?” This was a conversation that came up a few weeks ago, as we were discussing how can you stand out from the crowd in your niche.

I invite you to join me as I take your calls to talk about “How can you stand out from the crowd?” Can’t make the call? Just fill out the form on the right sidebar, and you’ll get a replay of the call. Otherwise here’s the dial in information.

Tel: 1-712-432-3100 Access Code: 638498

By the way, for the people who have subscribed to the calls & replays..all the calls are available to listen to – you have been e-mailed the link.

Until Thursday..”Let the other person talk.”

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  1. Lee Wise
    | Reply

    I totally agree that listening greatly assists in the trust building process. And, also, that we should do whatever we can to personalize our interactions with people while on the net.

    For instance, I often try to personally say thanks to folks who have RT’d my thoughts in one form or another. In addition, I often try to say thanks to people who have gone through the verification process that I use on Twitter (I use TrueTwit).

    For certain it is a process that takes thought and effort: but, that’s what relationships are all about, right?

    Enjoy the day,


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