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What is your Social Media Strategy?

You've likely heard of a social media strategy, maybe you even wondered what is a strategy supposed to do for your business. A strategy is to help you define what tactics, goals will get you to where you want to go. Social Media is really a part of your marketing plan. So often I have heard from other Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners saying and thinking that it is some how strategy are a series of tactics. Tactics to help you to carry forward your goals; your strategy should be about your road map of actions you are going to do and why you are going to do them.

Strategic planning is an organization's process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy, including its capital and people is defined by Wikipedia

Here's a couple of great articles about Social Media Planning.

Back to the question of "What's your social media strategy?" What is it exactly, that are you doing about it? Do you even have a plan or idea is Social Media is a fit for your business or not. Maybe it just doesn't fit for you and what your goals are.

A Case Study: Sedona Pies
Here you will find a case study of how Sedona Pies became a brand, got it's presence online before really becoming a product for the marketplace. I am impressed of how it all has come about. CaseStudy.Sedona Pies. The ROI, or Return On Investment has been the number of people who really know, like and trust Sedona Pies as a Brand and enjoy the product today. The study really talks about all the things that I planned and did to make it really happen.

Case Study: Blue Moon Chocolates
Another example, I was asked to help a Chocolate company to work on their Marketing Plan. First of all, we had a meeting to discover where they wanted to go, what they have been doing, what were there goals and ambitions.  Once we explored the overall picture..soon we clearly saw that making molds for corporate companies for private label chocolates is where they would make the most money and be the best strategy for the company to grow and expand. However, one of the partners insisted she wanted to move forward into retail. The other partner,  just wanted to make molds, as he was an excellent carver. The gal didn't like the discovery - where did they end up? In splitsville. It was too bad because they had a great product just in the wrong market.

This analogy works the same way about your social media, you could end up in the wrong playground without a Social Media Plan. You'll waste a lot of time, money and energy without one. Be sure to do create a strategy for your business..it will give you focus, purpose and success.

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