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How to Manifest

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How to manifest relationships, money and a happy life, there are many ways and many teachers available to learn from. These are just a few of my own ideas and what I have learned.

greatness, appreciation
Manifesting the people you want in your life or business can be tricky, especially when you aren’t feeling that good about yourself. However, it is possible to grow along with them until you are ready to let them go.

If manifesting money is the biggest concern you have, then you need to take the time to discover why you want the money, it’s harder to do so think about WHY you want the money, in the long run you will be better for it.

Money isn’t really what we want; what we really want is happiness, joy, love, peace and other feel good feelings. So, we think that if we have more money then we will feel better. I haven’t found this to be true. What I have found to be true is digging deep inside and pull out all those happy feelings. Once this has been done..I am grateful each day for what I have, each day thereafter more money and abundance of all things start to flow. I surrender often when I get stuck.

Money and relationships can be manifested once you are grounded and clear of what you want; what kind you want. You’ll get what you ask for so be sure to be clear, focused in a grateful and happy space.

I am proposing a manifesting challenge by paying what you want forward 3x without expectation of it returning to you.

On April 28, is National Pay it Forward Day. By participating on this one day event, you will begin to manifest what you want by paying it forward. If you want more happiness spread more happiness around. If you want more money share some money to three different people. If you want to experience more love in your life share and spread it can even do this to more people. There was a story I heard about “Smiles” Share one of yours many times a day, not just national pay it forward day, everyday, you would be surprised how good you will feel and the other people will feel it too. This simple act you will change the world.

Here’s some ideas to think about what you can offer:

• Give way by opening doors for people
• Paying the next persons toll
• Paying for someone’s coffee or beverage (it’s more fun when they aren’t looking)
• Take someone out for lunch that you don’t agree with to discover what things you can agree on
• Give them a recommendation via video so they can share it
• Offer to babysit
• Give someone a ride
• Offer a time dollar ie 1 hour
• Read to children
• Visit an old folks home and chat them up or entertain them
• Volunteer someplace you wouldn’t normally do
• Give Blood, somebody always needs this
• Sign a donor card
• Fix something for someone
• Mow the lawn or do some landscaping

These are just a few things, I am quite sure you can come up with more. Just think about what you want to manifest, even if it scares you a bit do it anyway. You’ll be surprised of what you will discover.

Oh, if you would like to share your acts of paying it forward send them to us, we are collecting stories for Volume 2. You are welcome to share them via video as well.

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