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Customer Delight

Today I am posting a great story on how I used Talk Fusion, to create a very happy Customer Experience, I actually delighted the customer. Everything is in this video..I share two different stories. I think you like the ideas and perhaps it will give you some ideas for you to use.

I like to mix up my posts, not just text, videos and other tools to help me to help you to transform your business. As I share my stories and experiences I hope that you get they I really just want to help you to connect with your customer with great results.

Enjoy your relationships with your customers, have fun with them, surprise and delight them, they will be impressed and more likely to buy from you again.

Mari-Lyn Harris

P.S. Just one more thing – grab the Free Report about why Customer Retention is so important.

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    Thank you Levinz, I am glad you enjoyed it, it's once of my favorite stories.

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