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Have you noticed lately of all the new relationships tools that can help you stay in-touch, get more followers, more engagement?

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LinkedIn has a new follow your company button..LinkedIn is become the the best social network for lead generation. Hubspot did a survey and found LinkedIn to have almost 3x a higher visitor to lead conversation. They did this by doing an experiment..offering an ebook to readers or to their connections, when people followed their link they gathered their contact information. They did the same thing on Facebook and Twitter and measured from which network pulled in the most inquiries.

You can do the same thing in your business..once you do this you will know were you ought to spend the most time at.

Another tool I recently was introduced to was IBO ToolBox – it’s 100% free. They say it will always be free. You can advertise your business, Post blog posts, Lead generation, Events, A contact manager, a Live chat. Media sharing, a Business Social Network..and build a sales team.. I have just got on there after several tries. I needed up signing up with my gmail account. I’ll have to go back there and activate more tools and let you know how it is all working. To promote your business, helping each other. To promote high quality tools to help you grow your business.

Pinterest – it’s about using photo’s for your marketing. There have been rave reviews. I personally just joined and can’t say I have had any great success. HubSpot cam out with an ebook on it.

This should keep you busy for a few days..


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  1. jane krill
    | Reply

    brilliant! never heard of this tool IBO ToolBox before and love the fact that it’s free.sounds like it does everything too….thanks for sharing

  2. Obaidul
    | Reply

    Today’s marketing is all about building relationships. It’s a time when most of social networks are implementing changes to discourage blatant promotion and focus on features that increase interaction or engagement with the audience.

    Pinterest is certainly the buzzword currently. Though the retail industry is the first to join in, I think the visual bookmarking tool has much more to offer than meets the eye. The speed at which Pinterest is growing is something to take notice of.

    • Mari-Lyn Harris
      | Reply

      Yes about Pinterest – there is still a debate on their policy for photos..I liked your comment

  3. Mari-Lyn Harris
    | Reply

    Glad you enjoyed the article..

  4. mom grocery
    | Reply

    You made ​​me realize the IBO Toolbox, a tool that promotes 100% free trade. It helps each other to promote high quality tools that you grow the business by attracting new customers and retain existing customers. Thank you for sharing.

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