Build your business with relationships
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How You Can Build Relationships that Build your Business

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How you can build relationships that build our business. Come into my living room for a bit. I’m working with my mastermind partners, and we’re talking about marketing techniques that are working for us now.,/h2>

Build your business with relationships

Pull up a chair. I want to help you find different ways to grow your business through Relationships. I would love to have you join me in the next tele-seminar. Or perhaps you would like to interview me and I could tell them about the value of doing this. I would be happy to work with you.

Sound like a dream?

Well, it’s not. You can create the same kind of scenario for yourself, gather like-minded, successful folks who join in mutually profitable partnerships.


My friend Marnie Pherson has built her business on creating profitable partnerships, one project brought in more that ($280,415.)

Marnie’s just published new book call “Trust your Heart: Building Relationships that Build your Business“… and this is on of those rare gems that bottle up the wisdom, shortcuts, and techiques of 25 successful individuals (including myself) who’ve created relationships that brought tens, even hundred of thousands of dollars of extra income into our businesses.

You’ll see on the left hand side of the book cover. The book launch is May 24, 2012 just a few days away. When you buy a book for ($12.00) you will receive this collections of relationship building insights, but also

* an exclusive invitation into Marnie’s Marketing Partnership community, in which
you can showcase your business in front of folks who are looking for experts to interview an partner with. (normally a $788 annual value)

* step-by-step training on how to use the community to build those profitable relationships.
(normally sells for $97)

This is all F-REE when you purchase the book from Amazon on launch day!

Get a previews on the Trust Your Heart: building Relationships that Build Your Business Book and this off-the-charts Marketing Partnership Community Bonus and training.

Building Relationships that support your business can take years. We’ve teamed up to shorten your journey significantly.

Here’s to mining relationships for your business.


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    I'm amazed at how bad some — make that most — salespeople are. The vast majority seem to believe that a product sells itself and that there's no need to build rapport with a customer.

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