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10 Tips to Improve your Marketing

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10 Tips that you can improve your marketing, implement them today to grow your business.

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Here are 10 marketing tips to get started:

Marketing tip #1

Write your own e-zine to reach new global customers. Use a E-mail service company such as Mailchimp rather than your own IP.

Marketing tip #2

Develop Partnerships for your Biz
1. First, tally up all your marketing assets of what you can offer to a
potential partner in terms of exposure. Find a niche that you can own.
2. Assign yourself or someone else to develop these partnerships
3. Nurture your relationships as it may take anywhere from 3 months to 1
yearly to finalize a partnership

Marketing tip #3

Get your own Blog such as: WordPress Use a blog to promote your book, your e-zine, your website. Some people have personal blogs. Just remember when you write that it is like putting it on TV.

Marketing tip #4

Offer a FREE bonus or booklet about your own expertise

Marketing tip #5

Develop referral sources – these are warm to hot people who have used your services or they know what you are capable of.

Marketing tip #6

Join Linkedin or another social networks – ask me for an invite to my network at Linkedin

Marketing tip #7

Develop partnerships for your products or services. This could be affiliates or vendors or other people that you do business with.

Marketing tip #8

Adopt a cause marketing partner – these are nonprofit groups or causes. It will help the both of you tap into markets or customers you would not have gotten on your own.

Marketing tip #9

Establish a Seal of Approval – Give Awards or Sponsor an award

Marketing tip #10

Write articles and post them in your newsletter, blog, e-zine or offer them to other newsletters for content. Submit them to Article Banks like e-zine articles or HUB Pages.

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