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Are your clients lost?

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Are your clients lost? They can find you with this simple service called Proximity Marketing. The Royalty Gems work very well for most clients who are looking for you.

Like the gal says in the video it’s a crowded market out there especially when you are trying to reach the service professional, who may not have a website just a name and number on their vehicles.

Sedona Pies have been using them to direct traffic to their Facebook page, they noticed that every day they are getting more likes on their Facebook pages.

This realtor reports “61 new views to my FB business page, 53 new views on my YouTube listing video which sold in two days. One buyer called it resulted in a contract for a home at $425K
~ Kristine Fanelli Cuddy

We do have a page just for Realtors best friend to give you an overview of how it can work for you. After all, if you can get more views for your listings, or people to watch your videos, call to actions, or how to get more listings wouldn’t you want to know how you can have this kind of success?

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, it’s an inexpensive way to have more people reach out to you, rather than you go look for them. This is why your clients are lost, they don’t know where you are. Or how to find you. If you are driving down the road, they may not have the time to write now your information as you are whizzing by and it’s a bit dangerous anyway.

The new Gems are smaller now the size of a quarter you can turn them off and are easier to carry around with you.

To order your Gems, click here.

Have a great day collecting your customers..


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