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Wake up and Smell the Coffee

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Wake up and smell the coffee was a program I was working on few years back with a coffee company. I think it was more about his personal development we created some 3D brochures to emphasize the idea of when things are “so not working” for you.

How our thoughts create negativity – it’s when we aren’t conscious of what we are telling ourselves.

wake up
Wake up and smell the coffee

“Watch your thoughts – they become your words. Watch your words – they become your actions. Watch your actions – they become your habits and beliefs. Watch your habits – they become your character. Watch your character – it become your destiny.” by Frank Outlaw

What are some ways we can do better:

Appreciating yourself 1st, then others. Look at what life has to offer. Put more humor and laughter in your life. Finding a way to do things in a fun way. Be adventurous, by driving a different route, get lost once in a awhile. Do more acts of Kindness for yourself and others. Let’s look at helping each other to understand, by listening before reacting or responding.

Kindness is the force that holds our communities, workplaces, our relationships, marriages and our countries together.

Anger and hate must be stopped at all costs! It doesn’t serve any of us. We have been led to believe on the idea that kindness won’t get us anywhere. Do you really buy that? There is a better way to get what you want, this is through Kindness.

There is a Therapist, Marisa Peer who uses hypnotherapy to help her patients to get better results. This topic is about the biggest disease affection humanity – watch it. When we feel ENOUGH, we start to be kinder to ourselves and others. It’s a great opportunity to wake up and smell the coffee.

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