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Andrea M. Breidenbach Episode #16

Andrea M. Breidenbach Episode #16

Andrea M. Breidenbach Episode #16 offers leadership and strategy communication, team building, remote teams, mergers & acquisitions at European/Latin American headquarters.

Leadership and strategy: communication, teambuilding, remote teams, mergers & acquisitions. Over 25 years at both headquarters-based and European/Latin American assignments for large Silicon Valley companies.

Countries of expertise: USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Mexico/Latin America. Speaks English, German and Spanish.

“The people of the world are bigoted and unenlightened: invariably they regard what is like them as right, and what is different from them as wrong.”
(Yong Zhen, Emperor of China, 1727).

She has worked with: ThermoFisher USA and Spain, BASF in Germany and Spain, Wacker Group in Germany and Spain, Opel/GM in Germany and USA, Schwarz Group Germany and USA, Oakmead Acupuncture Center in USA and China, ICC World USA and Japan, Exemplary Technologies in Silicon Valley, Berlitz, BGRS, Crossculture Academy, Global LT, SolarTech in Silicon Valley, Skyline Solar in Silicon Valley, Duchy Real Estate in Spain, Meyer Vermögens management in Germany.

Reach out to Andrea on LinkedIn or call her +1 650 737 2299 (Mobile)

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