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Are you celebrating your life?

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Are you celebrating your life? So often, we are just living, struggling, not really thriving or celebrating the little successes in our lives.  



How can we start to celebrate our lives?


  1. The act of celebrating.
  2. The act of performing or observing with appropriate rites or ceremonies: as, the celebration of a marriage; the celebration of the masses.
  3. That which is done to celebrate anything; a commemorative, honorific, or distinguishing ceremony, observance, or performance: as, to arrange for or hold a celebration; the ode is a celebration of victory.

In the Life Cafe last night, when  Karen and I were talking about planning, the celebration of one’s life, we discovered some many things about planning.

You’ll find the replay below to watch. If you liked it, please join us next time. Your voice counts.

Appreciating is like being grateful.

  • Appreciating that my Wifi, was fully charged and now it’s not. 
  • Appreciating the little things in life. Where I go for breakfast sometimes, didn’t have oatmeal.. NO Oatmeal??  Appreciating when I do have it, its so much more enjoyable.
  • Appreciating having a really good cup of coffee, even if it costs a bit more.
  • Appreciating a hot shower.

Besides appreciating the little things in life, we also have our celebrations.

Celebrating parties, events or our victories in life. 

For some of us it’s retiring, for some of us it’s getting a contract or job we have been going after.

Celebrations could be birthdays, births – welcoming new babies or people into our lives.

Celebrating our own roast before we leave this life as we know it. 

Celebrating the legacy you are leaving behind for others to carry it forward or they are simply enjoying it.

We all have a variety of celebrations.. 

Are you celebrating your life?

How are you expressing this, where do you want to go and how do you want to do this?

Ask me questions, be happy to answer them.

Until next time..


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