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Combustion of Kindness

Combustion Of Kindness

Combustion of Kindness happened on World Kindness Day, November 13th. It was decided to do something special for the day, as it was the 25th Anniversary.

Rather than trying to explain to people how to do “Inspiring Kindness” via an app, the IOS wasn’t ready anyway..doing something simple is the best if you want anyone to do anything. Most people who are givers will gives and not expect anything back. However for people who are not conscious about doing a random act of kindness, it has to be simple.

It all started with a combustion of kindness I made arrangements to meet at Mission Coffee in Fremont, CA at 9:00am – noon. It was a Sunday, put up some balloons, bought some coffee cards and some simple cards to ask people to think about doing a random act of kindness this coming week. Ok, it can be done anytime.. Let’s get people to get started with a week.

I spoke to people in the cafe, letting them know about WKD and asking them if they would consider doing an actor kindness. Most people were interested. Only one person was NOT interested. That’s ok, there are more that will.

I passed out my coffee cards to people, to either share or keep and do another kindness gift. A church passed along the cards to their members. A friend went out and placed cards in restaurants and public washrooms. Someone posted on FB,  another coffee bar I had asked if they would pass the cards out to their customers. She said, she would. A combustion of kindness has started.

Unknown to me a friend of mine bought 20 – $10 Starbuck coffee cards and she paid it forward. Mary Lynne (not me) said, it’s just the simple acts of kindness that really make the difference for people. Opening a door for someone, smiling, saying good morning.. she said she even bought someone’s groceries. Everyday we have an opportunity to feel better about ourselves and others. If you are looking for some kind deed ideas read these.

This video came to me want to share it with you. How one guy did 10,000 RAK deeds for the day. It’s very good!


Did you know there is a Kindness Conference on the 19th of November.. register to get your free tickets. They are calling it World Kindness day Conference (it’s not) I’ll be there.  


Today Dr. Summer Watson of the Kore Women’s Podcast released the podcast show that I was interviewed on. So grateful for the opportunity to be on her show!! Please like and share.

That’s all for now!

Have a fab Combustion of Kindness week!