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Preparing yourself to be unhoused

Living Unhoused Issue 3

Preparing yourself to be unhoused tip #2.. it’s important to prepare yourself in small ways,  just like if you are going on a trip or there is an emergency.

I’ve seen the billboards, if you can prepare a wedding or vacation you can prepare for an emergency.

The article that I have seen about changing our words about the ‘homeless,’ has been written about in several location.

Here’s another article out of Oakland

I had an interesting common, from a guy who teaches confidence and public speaking to  the youth. He questioned me about the words.

Why does it matter?

I was surprised by his answer, as if are running a confidence building class, words to matter. Just as #Kindness Matters.

I’ll be posting little posts on this topic, the 1st article was about the introduction  of living unhoused.

Love to hear your experiences and stories about Preparing yourself to be unhoused  or tips you would like too share with people. if you want to share them, just reach out to me

In gratitude & joy!