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Why join a Blogging Challenge?

The Payoff Change Makers Want

Why join a Blogging Challenge? It will give you the power to inspire, inform and add to your digital legacy.

Many years ago people would ask me to show them how..after a long class, most people would give up too soon,  they didn’t get the results they wanted.

Blogging is like everything else, it takes time to build your readership and trust that you are going to be consistent so that they can rely on you.

I decided to run a FREE 5 Day Blogging Challenge so you could get started. It’s a little bit old school marketing, yet there are many form of blogging, not just writing. There is Vlogging and Audio as well.

Video blogging is sharing your posts via a video

Audio could be a podcast, or you just could record your voice and post that.

The Challenge will help you to Ignite your voice:

In a world flooded with noise, blogging stands out as the beacon of authentic expression and knowledge sharing. It’s time to break free from the shackles of anonymity and make your voice resound across the digital realm. ????️????

Be heard.

Blogging isn’t just tapping keys on a screen; it’s a revolution of thoughts, ideas, and stories. It’s about carving your unique path through the vast expanse of the internet, leaving a trail of inspiration and insight.

Your words have the potential to touch lives, spark conversations, and even change the course of the future.

Imagine the impact when your experiences collide with the curiosity of readers seeking answers and inspiration. Through your blog, you become a thought leader, a storyteller, and a guide in this boundless virtual universe. ????✨

Whether you’re an aspiring writer, a niche expert, or just someone with a story to tell, blogging welcomes you with open arms.  This is how sometimes books are created.

It’s about the canvas where your creativity paints a vivid picture, where your wisdom forms a bridge between minds, and where your authenticity shines brighter than any algorithm. (for every input, you expect an output)

As a blogger you have the power to share your voice, inform, inspire and influence lies within your fingertips.

So, seize it.

Embrace the challenge.

Transform your thoughts into paragraphs that resonate and paragraphs into posts that captivate.

Let your blog be a testament to your journey, a testament to your growth, and a testament to your unwavering dedication to making a mark in the digital tapestry.

It’s not just a hobby, although I do know of some people who do.

It’s a declaration of your existence in the digital age. It’s your legacy, etched in the archives of the internet for generations to come.

So, step into the blogging arena with your head held high. Your words are about to change the world – one blog post at a time.

Join the Blogging challenge today?  Did I say it’s FREE for 5 days.

It starts Sept 18 – 21, 2023 6:00pm PST.. once you sign-up I’ll send you the link to join the class within 24hrs of the start time.

There will be homework every day, of which we will talk about it the next day..I want you to get started.. if you are ready to do the work, you’ll find it educational.

You’ll also find more doors will open up for you, possible clients, PR opportunities. collaborations, networking and gaining subscribers.

Be sure to join me for Sept 18-21…you won’t be disappointed.

By the way there is a group on Facebook you are welcome to join once you sign up as well. It’s really there to support and ask questions. You’ll meet fellow bloggers too!

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