3 Success Stories – What Are Yours?

3 Success Stories – What Are Yours? Getting better reviews for your business. There are a few sites the can help you shorten your sales cycle.

There are many success stories to share, for me I have gained more friends, gotten Radio interviews, TV interviews, developed collaborators for projects, like exchanging articles.  From my Pie business through Social Media Marketing…now have my own Pie Cooking Channel.

People want to be connected to me via Linkedin and Facebook because I am out on these and other sites sharing information adding value and I am creating long term relationships for a positive brand experience.


How to get more reviews for your business is important..

Google my business.google.com,  you can look at Heart@Work’s page leave a review would be great too! Alignable.com for small businesses, get recommended.

Amazon, you can write book reviews, or for products you have bought to help others buy.


Petco.com. It has found that “Products with reviews have return rates that are 20% lower than those without reviews – and the return rate is 45% lower for products with more than 25 reviews – saving on shipping, restocking, and customer service costs.”

Many marketers can draw a straight line between investments in social media marketing and financial results, but many more cannot.  This doesn’t mean social media marketing is ineffective; it just means that marketers have to recognize benefits beyond dollars and cents.  FaceBook fans, re-tweets, site visits, video views, positive ratings and vibrant communities are not financial assets–they aren’t reflected on the balance sheet and can’t be counted on an income statement–but that doesn’t mean they are valueless.  Instead, these are leading indicators that the brand is doing something to create value that can lead to financial results in the future.

Michael Farah opened the doors to his first Berry Chill store,”Before we opened our business, we created a Facebook page,” Farah said. Then he added Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare to the mix.

Two years later, he hasn’t been disappointed with the results. Berry Chill has more than 10,000 Facebook fans and about 3,000 Twitter followers, Farah said.

By offering discounts and other special offers through social media, Berry Chill has boosted traffic to its flagship State Street location to more than 1,000 customers a day, while also promoting its location at Ogilvie Transportation Center and one opening later this month in Lincoln Park. Twitter followers get “Sweet Tweet” deals that they can redeem by showing the tweet on their phone at the register, Farah said.

By emphasizing social media marketing over traditional advertising, Berry Chill is part of a growing trend among small businesses looking to save money while communicating with customers in a forum they prefer. Establishing a presence through social media can help a company “be the trusted source in your industry,” said Mike Goodman, chief executive at e-Conversation Solutions, who spoke on social media marketing at a recent Illinois Small Business Week seminar sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration and Score. “It shortens your sales cycle and lowers your cost,” he said.


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