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The 31 tips to become popular was compiled by Artists, this will help you to get more visitors and fans to your blog


This list was complied after a wonderful discussion on the Art Marketing group..so between what other people were doing and what I came up with from my own tool box.. I am sure you could keep adding another tactic or your favorite one to this list. If you have anything you would like to add, please leave it in the comment section. I would love to hear from else you are doing.

* Get your own Appearoo link – list all your social networks in one place
* Use descriptive key words and write about them, describe them in your alt tags
* Keep your website/blog updated, post good original content 2-3x per week
* Do a newsletter and submit it to bookmarking sites like Stumpleupon or Digg
* Participate in forums or groups in Linkedin, Facebook etc., participate in the discussions, this is where you will learn the most.
* Write articles and post them on article sites like E-zine, Hub-pages
* Cross promote other people in your community, exchange articles, be a guest writer
* Put your website in your email signature
* Have a contest make it fun!
* Use Social Media Marketing tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
* Write a comment on your friends, colleagues sites, include your website URL, make it a true comment. Not just great blog post..this won’t cut it.
* Send out invitations to your site for feedback or for your events
* Build relationships by staying in touch – drop a line or call them
* Write a book, ask for people’s contact info or post it on Scribd.com
* Write press releases
* Create an About me page to direct visitors
* Use Twitter to direct traffic to your blog website
* Join other groups where your customers hangout
* Get listed in Google’s Local Business directory – you’ll find this under Google+
* Upload a presentation to Slideshare.com with a link back to your sit
* Profile people on your site and ask for comments or links back
* Do Video’s of your products/services and upload them to YouTube channel
* Upload pictures to Flicker or Intagram
* Subscribe to newsletters/blogs about marketing to get more ideas
* List yourself in Craigslist, Kijji, demoz – they’ll have small business directories
* Get valid links to your site from targeted traffic
* Concentrate on building relationships so they will share your links
* Offer a free e-book or gift with no conditions
* Write great content that people want to return or share it

What are your tips?

Mari-Lyn Harris

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