5 Day Marketing Challenge

5 Day Marketing Challenge is coming up July 10th, 2023. 10:00am PST – Give me 5 short days and you will be able to create your own sales funnel.

Originally, it was designed for Artists and Creatives. You know who you are! I’ve been managing an Art group on facebook for more than 5 years, the biggest thing that comes up is how can I sell my work? Or can’t someone else sell it for me?

Yes, you can for all the questions you can.. if someone else sells your work for you and you haven’t priced it so you can pay them and you make enough money – then you are in trouble.  Years ago, before having a store you would have an agent selling your work for you. They would take anywhere between 25 – 50%. Yikes!

That’s  too much money, it depends. What are they expected to do for you?

An art business is like any other business, you have to know who your customer/patron is, and if they like your work they’ll follow you around. What are you offering them to buy more?

In this workshop, we will start with our dream patron/customer and show him the way in how we can increase our sales. You’ll be working on your plan along the way..

An Art business is like any other business, you need to plan it, spend 80% of marketing it, and 20% working on your craft.

If you don’t know who your customer is yet – do this exercise so we will all be on the same page.

Who is your tribe?  It’s a workbook  Have it done, by the time the class starts.

Register, by clicking on this link. 5 day Challenge.. 

Look forward in meeting you and helping you to solve your marketing strategy.  Don’t Miss Out! Take the 5 Day Marketing Challenge and Become a Successful Visual Artist!

The next class will be in August.. stay tuned for this program. It’s a year commitment. It’s for Start-ups and another one for advanced businesses.

Until then,

See you soon!



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