5 Ways to Manage your Twitter Accounts

Here are 5 ways manage your Twitter accounts, after seeking out and trying out other platforms I decided to write a short review on the top 5.

Twitter cloud

Twitter is also available..to schedule tweets, follow people and to publish. They do send out reports how your account is doing. Still think using a app or platform is better to keep track of everything.

Is a Twitter management tool, it helps you to share content on Twitter and manage your Twitter accounts. Commun.it lets you know who your influencers and supporters are, who are following you and who are not. If you are a solo entrepreneur with only one account the price point is steep, for what you get with it, in my opinion.

For one account it’s free, you get twenty actions on a weekly basis, if you want to use it beyond 20 actions then you have to upgrade.

Hoot Suite
A twitter management tool, it also helps you to share your content on Twitter, for solo entrepreneurs or a small business you can use it for free up to 5 profiles, this includes posting on Facebook, Google+, Foursquare and WordPress. I have 3 Twitter accounts, so unless I want to open another account under a different email I can add another stream..the max is 5 even for the 3 accounts I have. For me it just would be better to have something else and pay for the additional service or upgrade to the Pro Services of $8.99.

You can Monitor all of your mentions, direct messages, keyword searches, for Twitter, lists, and more in column view along with items from Facebook, Google+.
Hootsuite logo

Social Bro
It’s another Twitter management tool. I like it for managing multiple accounts. Like 5 accounts. There is a page on what Social Bro can do, they give you a 15 day trial before they ask you to upgrade. https://www.socialbro.com/solutions
You get to try out the Targeting, Engagement tools, Analytics and how to Manage your Twitter followers. After 15 days it’s $13.99 per month. It’s great for people who are managing multiple accounts.
twitter socialbro

Manage Flitter
I was recommended that this one is a good one too! They don’t say on the plan page what you get for having a Freebie account. Just what you don’t get. I can’t say I would set-up an account to even try it out for free.
twitter manager flitter

Sprout Social
“Sprout makes it easy for our team to collaborate and publish across multiple social profiles and networks. Plus, Sprout’s detailed analytics help us track our progress to ensure we see return on our global efforts.”
Twitter sprout

After comparing and trying out the platforms, share with us what you use and why.

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