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6 ways to Growing your Business with Relationships

6 ways to Growing Your Business with Relationships, will help you to retain your customers, employees gain more referrals with loyalty and trust.

What’s in this Relationship Marketing e-book?

Chapter 1 – Retaining your Customers are your customers being validated?

BE GENEROUS, share, reach out and be valuable.

Chapter 2 – How to Get More Referrals

Build Your Reputation 1st

What do I mean by allow? We are either busy networking or working or promoting and not taking the time to engage with people having conversations or discussions with people.

Chapter 3 – 6 Ways to increase your Relationship Capital

When you are growing your relationship capital, you want to create a strategy to have more friends, colleagues and customers.

Chapter 4 – 17 Ways to Keep Your Marketing Funnel Working

This has been one of my BIGGEST lessons to learn in having my own business as a consultant. It’s been great to work for my clients, getting paid and helping them, to grow their business,… until the day arrived that I didn’t have any clients next to look after.

Chapter 5 – 20 Tips on Developing Partnerships 

First, tally up all your marketing assets of what you can offer to a potential partner in terms of exposure. Find a niche that you can own.

Chapter 6 – Relationship Marketing is about Being of Service

Nurture your relationships as it may take anywhere from 3 months to one year to finalize a partnerships.  In order to get more business we need to allow to have more relationships in our business.

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