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A small business owner journey. Once upon a time there was a small business owner named Jane who dreamed of becoming a mulit-million dollar business.

This is her story – could be you?

Every day her thoughts about nothing else but working more on her business and how to overcome her challenges now of growing her business. 

But after a while, Jane started to doubt herself, working more on her business goals were feeling like she was in a  a daydream.

One day Jane overheard a her self talk, “not good enough” saying “there was no way Jane would ever create a legacy of her business!”

Jane was so mad she could barely see straight and resolved to succeed by working more ON her business no matter what it took! 

Unfortunately, reality quickly set in for Jane. 

She was confronted by critical questions, including: What she’s doing now that is working?

Jane also had to face that fact that feeling like she is alone, wasn’t getting her anywhere either.

Finally, she needed to get past the false belief of fear and trusting her own intuition. 

But, despite all that, Jane was determined to overcoming her negative self talk.

Then, as if by chance, Jane discovered the Visionary Roundtable Series – for small business owners that I have been  inviting her to check out, a peer group for her business success.

 She would  have the ability to share her struggles and challenges in confidence, second benefit my offer helps her to overcome her challenges, and third benefit to identify where she needs to improve to be successful.  A small business owner journey success.

Before she knew it, she could see having mulit-million dollar business and how she could  “Unlock the secrets to becoming a successful Business Owner.”

Are you a new business owner who is overwhelmed?

All business owners have felt this way one time or another.. it’s lonely at the top. We get it, we’ve been there.

We are here to assist you in your journey of building your own small business. (BYOB) It’s called a Peer Advisory Group.  It’s a safe space to discuss your businesses with other experienced and successful leaders who can offer objective feedback and advice. 

You’d like this Right?

What to expect for a peer advisory group?

  • You are invited to join a group, everyone is vetted with non-competitive categories.
  • Each group is facilitated and coached
  • There will be guest speakers on the topics presented 
  • You’ll have an opportunity to work through a specific topic or issue you are having.
  • Sounding boards or hot seats is another name
  • Resources will be provided as we go along
  • You’ll learn skills to become a better a leader
  • It is for one year (12) months, once a month for 3-4 hours

What we expect from you as a peer member

  • Be in business for at least 6 months or older, already legally set up and are running along..
  • You are the business owner or managing partner
  • You will sign and honor a confidentiality agreement
  • You will not miss more than two meetings in the year
  • You remain open-minded, participate by giving as well as receiving
  • Pay your fees on time, see below

Possible topics:

Administration – Day to day operations

Human resources, payroll, taxes

Opportunies of Entrepreneurship 

Financial aspects

Marketing & Social Media

Sales & Funnels

Websites & development 

and any other topics you want to cover.

Does this sound like where you are now?

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