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About Heartatwork

About HeartatWork, it has always been about Kindness. Really powerful. What are you willing to stand up for? Every human action has a spiritual impact on the world.

2024 Change Maker Summit is happening March 20 & 21st..

As of 2022 – during COVID produced four (4) Kindness Conferences which are all on Youtube.. they will be updated…

2019 – Launched the Impactful Legacy Podcast

2001 – About Heart@Work started by producing two Kindness Conferences and the Kindness Hero Awards. Offering workshops, training, public speaking. My clients saw a huge impact when they create more happiness opportunities for their employees within their company.

Turning around toxic workplaces to become productive, profitable and happier places to be in, as well as helping unhappy people to become happier. The ROI turns out to be higher productivity, less friction, more communication, all-around healthier workplace.

2001Kindness Hero Awards started the 1st year of the Kindness Conferences 2001 -2005, over 43 awards were given out.

Workplace Kindness By working with non-profits, employees and social committees who really wanted things to change, they could see the shifts happening easily.

Some businesses couldn’t see how Kindness would work, what a shame. However IT companies and nonprofits got it and were being successful at it. Many times they scale up fast, they leave the employees in the dust. The staff leave or they may hang in to see if there are any changes. Unless the Leadership team can respond to begin create a happier workplace culture, there will be many upsets and challenges.

2002 Wrote a White Paper about “Profiting with Virtuousness

2005 – 2006  the results was my ability to turn-around non-profits by using initiating the welcome of Kindness for the employees, the board, and its patrons.  These non-profit organizations were riddled with bullies, negative gossip and the workers suffered. (my nickname was the fixer)

Within three months the board and staff could start to feel they were cared about, there was less friction, more cooperation and people were just happier to come to work. It was funny, that some people didn’t like this kind of abundance, some people just don’t like change. 

2007 – 2010 Continued to be invited to speak at Leadership Conferences, Business Associations and Non-profit groups.

2014 wrote a book about Kindness Stories – it was a collection of kindness stories, written by people who knew how much kindness could make in the community and people they helped.  We sold the book as a fund raiser for Japan’s Earthquake fund.

2015  onward continued to write the blog posts about kindness, relationships and marketing.

2019 – launched a Podcast show “Impactful Legacy.”  about workplace issues, culture and kindness, you can tune in and listen to the people who have been on the show so far.

2020 –  due to COVID 4  Kindness@Work conferences were produced virtually. The whole play list is on Youtube, of which you can listen to the multiple speakers.

It’s about the little things we do for each other, it’s about how we connect with each other, what we stand for, what and how we say things that people get about us. How we show up and what we want other people to know about us.

Some say, it’s the Random Acts of Kindness that people like. There are so many organizations now in 2021 that are promoting Kindness and now saying how much of a difference it makes.

The Key Values
Honesty, Kindness, Social Business, Paying it Forward, Social conscious and of course having fun, along my journey!

What I have learned is that we have the power, to take action, to plant a seed, to write positive words, offer encouragement to someone else. You can even just share a smile, especially for those who don’t have one and need it the most.

Every human action has a spiritual impact on the world. Become a better human being and make a difference.

Read more about what Mari-Lyn is up to these says..


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