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About Mari-Lyn Harris

About Mari-Lyn Harris how life interrupted my plans of being advocate for change makers.. and available as an end of life doula.

As a Strategy coach in life or business, I’m here to serve.

A friend who asked for my help, he could no longer move his legs and do things for himself like banking, or speaking up for himself.  I became his Power of Attorney for his financial affairs and everything in-between.

Spending the next seven months working with him and cleaning his affairs after he died. (of Pancreatic Cancer) All this I believed was in some way Karma related. Some people even said, that I didn’t have to do this, I felt if I was in this situation I would hope someone would jump in and help me.

All of 2021  I have been digesting courses, writing a book about planning your legacy, life reviews, interviewing people for my podcast show.  Now, here I am certified to be a EOL  (end of life) Doula, via Doula Givers International   are my credentials.

Why an Doula Giver? 

Many people have heard of a birthing doula, now with so many boomers and people exiting,  or dying.. more people are realizing that there is much to do that they haven’t planned yet and death isn’t just something to can post-pone. The baby boomers are wanting to be at home, rather than in a hospital or extended care place not surrounded by their family and loved ones.

I call it more of being an Advocate – someone who can help you to have a peaceful and holistic ending/death. We only get to do this end once.

My question is: “Where do you want to go?” 

What are your struggles about sales, online marketing, strategic planning..or?

More about Mari-Lyn Harris

As a Marketing Strategic Coach, I’ve been able to uplift and help other people who are going through their own challenges in life. Whether it’s been, assisting people in the end of life, or getting off of ground zero, or confused of what to do next, I speak with them to see where they are now.

My role as a Coach, is not to have you work with me forever. Just to support you so you can  begin fly on your own.

Started 20 years ago, producing Kindness Conferences to launch Heart@Work, consulting and coaching businesses to implement kindness into their business.  To help CEO’s and businesses to have a higher performing organization.

During COVID-19 gave me many opportunities to review my life and what I still wanted to accomplish, one of them was to finish what I started about Kindness@Work. I was able to produce four more Kindness@Work Conferences all virtual, since no one was venturing outside or into public places. Its called Kindness@Work  You can watch all the speakers on my Youtube channel, could you please like and subscribe!

Kindness Hero Awards were started in 2001. As of 2022, the awards will be given away on November 13. 2022. Every year! Just to end this with, letting you know that Kindness plays a role and makes a difference.

Began coaching again with SBA,  businesses who are in their growth stage. And volunteering with So exciting!

Or you can, book a complimentary 30 minute appointment with me.

At the end of this, I’ve learned that it’s all about self-care. Just click on the link and download my services.  Mari-Lyns Services.

If there is anything I can help you with, just reach out.. Contact me


Mari-Lyn Harris


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