Transform your biz, by working with a Relationship Marketing Specialist. Create a marketing plan and develop a program just for you.

Relationships matter

As a Relationship Marketing Specialist, I work with Heart Centered Entrepreneurs by assisting them to:

• Increase their sales

• Increase the number of customers

• Increase your business with each of those customers

• Improve your current marketing tools

• Introduce new marketing tools

• Explore online marketing opportunities

Schedule your first appointment with me, a 30 minute Consultation is complimentary

✓ Find a solution

✓ A good time to chat and introduce each other
✓ Figure out your next step

Schedule your first Consultation appointment for one hour

✓ Relationship, Marketing and Social Media

✓ More leads, more clients, more sales

✓ You are amazing, yet still a secret?

✓ Create an action plan

✓ Satisfaction guaranteed

Coaching, Training

✓ Weekly online coaching with email and phone access for answering those tough questions you don’t have time to research.

✓ Here is a list of services available:

✓ Marketing your Blog

✓ Setting up your online presence

✓ Getting clarity of your direction

✓ Satisfaction guaranteed.

Testimonials of my work

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t: 408-624-9226