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About Mari-Lyn, a Life Coach serving heart-centered Entrepreneurs who yearn for more whatever is lacking in their own life. Your happiness is my business.

about mari-lyn

This is me (Mari-Lyn),

As the ring leader that pulls everything together..

As a Life Coach / Catalyst – serving heart-centered Entrepreneurs who yearn for more whatever is lacking in their own life. These entrepreneurs could be emotionally bankrupt, stressed and depressed. For those who have mental health challenges like, (we all do as Entrepreneurs) depression, PTSD, perhaps you don’t feel good enough, empty inside, there are some simple solutions that we can do together to solve this issue.

Here’s a video introduction:

How do I help you to pull it altogether? By taking a look of where you are now, what are your intentions, what do you want from your life.. I do this through Hypnotherapy and Coaching. Hypnotherapy isn’t for everyone, it’s only a couple of sessions.. read how it may or may not work for you.

Happiness is a state of mind, the more self-aware you are of yourself the more engaged you will be in life. In order to be happy, I believe you also have to be kind to yourself, to others and to your community.

If you want to know more about Heart@Work, the mission, what I stand for why it was created. Over the past 20 years, I’ve been active in mentoring people in their businesses, managing groups being active in answering questions.

Quora – have been the top small business writer MicroMentor – offering answers for new entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. Facebook – I have Kindness@Work, Marketing for Artists, a couple others just for self-interest.

Oh, I also have a Podcast “Creating an impactful legacy,” it’s about sharing tips to be productive, lead with kindness, workplace culture, communications. See them on podcasts.heartatworkonline.org or listen to them on Anchor.

Like to make an appointment with me? Please use my booking agent, (she won’t ask for any personal information).

Also check out the Wellness Services page, of which I’ll be adding other services in the future. Wellness still includes creating a healthy, dynamic business. After spending years business coaching, I saw that until we are willing to be well and create a life that fulfills us.. then it’s a struggle. Why not, just be happy, kind with where you are? Just click on the link, below to watch the video interview.

Mari-Lyn Harris is featured on this Special Credibility Episode of Thought Leader Life with Mitchell Levy

Today’s guest is Mari-Lyn Harris, who is the Chief Happiness Officer and Kindness Coach at Heart@Work. She works with heart-centered entrepreneurs who are stressed, depressed, seeking to be happier, and want their voice to be heard.Mari-Lyn Harris

Posted by AHAthat on Tuesday, June 2, 2020
Interviewed by Mitchell Levy on June 6, 2020