Kickstart Fees

Kickstart Fees. There has to be some sort of exchange in fee for services, even energetically it serves the highest and best for all concerned.

How can you pay or contribute to the services rendered? For a private session per person for hypnotherapy is $95.00. You also get a copy of our session so that you can listen to it later, of which I highly recommend.

I do ask that you commit for three (3) sessions at a time..

There is sliding scale fee as well if you need a financial break or you can just buy me a bag of groceries.

Coaching is available, if you feel you would like to continue on for additional support.

Kickstart Fees

Thank you, it’s a pleasure for me to serve you, as your happiness is my business.

Buy me a bag of groceries

I was just thinking in the times that most people are wondering how they can work with me, get the support they need stay positive to heal whatever isn’t working for them. I’ve never gone hungry, I have certainly experienced the difference between eating food I want and appreciating what I have. Your contribution, will keep me in groceries, keep the lights on, keep the zoom.us going.

In simple ways we can help each other. Consider buying me a bag of groceries, as I expand to help more people in our challenging times. Pay it Forward to help someone else out.

Kickstart Fees

Contribute from your heart. Thank you for your gift for your fee for service.


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