Accountability Partners

Why it’s important to have accountability partners, and the benefits of having them.

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If we are being solo business professionals or we work on our own, it’s easy to buy our own bullshit, as we often procrastinate what we ought to be doing. If we really want great successes in our business I’ve always found have accountability partners have been key for me.

Lately I’ve been feeling not as organized or productive as I usually our networking meeting this morning two gals gave a great presentation on having accountability partners. They shared what they have accomplished so far in the past year. It was exciting as I was just thinking that it’s time to find a partner or mastermind group to join, even if it’s simply to exchange ideas, having someone to call me on what I said I would do and haven’t done it. Give me tools and resources to be better or more efficient.

One of the guys, Mike says “He has an accountability partner” – the goal is for him is to be more productive in sales, he has to do 50 sales calls in a week if he doesn’t he has to donate $1,000 to a political party he doesn’t support.” That’s a big one!

The girls that presented said, each of their businesses have increased 45%- 100% in sales. They have put together a system to be more productive, planned two events that they do together. Agreed that even if they called each other on their bullshit, it isn’t taken personal, they are still friends. They hike together have planning days in what they are going to accomplish in their own businesses. Learning how to delegate things they shouldn’t be doing. They have also stopped listening to “who are you to do this,” “Are you worth it?

In the Mastermind groups that I have been a part of, I’ve gotten great feedback and ideas then executed them. One of my partners said, I was a get it done person, another said I was like the energizing bunny. There are good things and bad things about being a energizing bunny – the good thing is: I keep going until it’s done the bad side to this: I burn myself out.

This morning I came up with an analogy – “Our wealth on a personal side is our health, the wealth in Our business is having great engaging customers.” Have great engaging customers is like having great accountability partners.

Customer Engagement
How often do we really engage with our customers? Do we have a customer loyalty program or referral program to keep them with you or keep having them refer you? When I asked this question this morning in our networking group the answer is about the same only 20% actually do. This is a shame. If you aren’t having people referring us or sharing their stories with others – the silence is deafening.

How this relates to my analogy is – I’ve been struggling with how to merge everything I under one umbrella rather than – offering this or that service. In order for me to having these engaging customers and relationships with my networking partners – is for them to get to know me first – then I will have great referrals and people sharing how I have helped them.

Accountability partners help us stay on track, ask us questions to bring out clarity what we truly are trying to do, plus a whole bunch of other benefits.

I challenge you to get an accountability partner..learn how to engage with your customers..

Your success is my business..


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