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Artists How to Get More Sales


Artists, how would like to have more sales? You can, when you develop relationships with other collaborators. We all would like money come to you easily and effortlessly, no matter where you are or what you are doing? We all would agree that is would be a wonderful thing. Putting all our eggs in one basket is something I have learned that hasn’t really worked well for me. Earlier this year I decided that …

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Know Who Your Clients Are

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This video lesson is about know who your clients are. When we figure out who they are, it will drastically save time, money and frustration. So often we get into business thinking of what we want to do and we haven’t figured out who our clients are going to be. This is not an unusual problem. Recently, I was speaking to a guy who I hadn’t spoken to for while and he was sharing …

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How to Convert Your Prospects to a Customer

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How to convert your prospects to a customer here are 4 ways in which you can. A suspect or prospect or a person of interest, a possible suspect is a possible person of interest. You still need to get them to be a customer. Here’s four ways to do this. Do you spend time with them asking questions? Do you friend them? When you spend more time with your prospects, they’ll likely then want …

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Are You Stuck in Your Business?

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If you aren’t working your business or you are stuck, ask for help. You are responsible for getting customers, into your business. Whatever vehicle you choose to use, you need to be accountable be a leader in your own company.