Are You Listening?

Are you Listening to your audience, if not you are missing out on the conversations you need to pay attention to.

For example I was speaking to a gal about what she does and how she is trying to help small business owners..(I was where she is many years ago) and what I found is, that she wants to provide a solution to them that she thinks they need. Well, they may need it, however it’s not where they are right now.

My question is are you listening to your audience? After she started to tell me who my audience is, giving me a solution. Huh? Did I just miss something in this conversation?

It seems we (me included) want to offer a solution, however not necessarily are we I can see how people are feeling fatigued or overwhelmed with information. If Social Media is about relationships, a part of our offering needs to be listening to what our customer/client needs. Without the listening component we are just blasting away…we are no different than the other guys.

This is why I like to ask people what they do and how I can assist them. Most people aren’t ready to give an answer, because they are so used to having someone tell them what they need. Unless they ask you for help or signup for your newsletter or webinar or respond to you in a question..then don’t tell them what they need.

Sometimes we don’t know what we need..we’ll figure it out. It sometimes leads us to want to thrown in the towel. Or we may feel discouraged.

Are you ready to throw in the towel? Are you listening to yourself?

If you are feeling overwhelm, tired, sad, then it’s time to spend time with yourself. Yikes, spend time with me?? Yes. Breathe, read, go for a walk, go to the local coffee bar and get away from the office.

I remember when I was in sales, I used to go our for a Latte, to get away from everyone and from doing my calls. Just go chill out.

We all need just seems to be harder if we work at home. Like last night I just had, had enough, my eyes were getting sore and I started to write. These are the things I do when I am ready to throw in the towel, or when I have a bad day:

• I write in my journal or note book for the things I am grateful for
• I appreciate what I do have
• I sometimes just surrender or let go of my challenges or problmems
• I make myself a cup of tea
• I write down whatever comes to mind, it’s like cleaning out the cobwebs in my mind
• I share my experience or challenges with my friends

What do you do when you have had enough?


Naia OneHeart: Take a big step back, release the frustration and judgment, breathe, walk in nature, meditate…. ask, what’s good about this I’m not seeing, what else is possible, what would it take?

Maralyn D Hill: I like Naia’s response. I’d add to that, evaluate if it is personally worth the frustration.

Maralyn D Hill: I end up saying, “What’s good about it.” Sometimes a day off is needed, but I do force myself to move forward.

Thanks Maralyn and Naia, for your comments.

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