Are You Ready for Growth?

Are you ready for growth? What if you had all of these things happening right now?

  • Explosive growth
  • Be living your why
  • Have a group of best customers
  • You are doing what you want
  • You are able step forward in faith and trust
  • Help more people
  • You are spending more time with your family and friends

Would you find yourself excited and passionate about what you are doing? Of course you would, You would feel nothing could get in your way of having success in the way you want it to happen for you. Now the question is how can you get it?

I work with so many people who are at a loss of what to do next or what they should be of the things I have learned is when I am unfocused, is that I am doing a whole bunch of things and not getting anywhere.

Last night I met Paul, who was seeking work/job, with so many great talents and skills, he wasn’t focused other than he knew he had to find a job. How many of you have been looking for work and it hasn’t panned out or you keep getting rejected? When we get rejected enough, we quit. Without support in our lives we keep doing the same things and expecting something different to happen to have the kind of success we want.

Back to Paul, he listed all things he is good at, made a decision to start his own business.

When I worked with David, he was doing the same thing applying for jobs, no one was hiring him..we worked out a plan so he could be the person to solve businesses their problems, in his area of expertise.

Mark was a guy who had several things going on at once and was spinning his wheels..I recommended that he do a few things to get focused – he said, he would call the people I recommended,  there were some things he was not willing to do. At least he got some clarity.

If you want more growth in your business or in building up your self-esteem and self-confidence, I recommend that you join one of my Mastermind groups. without supportive people in your life, it’s difficult and it certainly isn’t helpful for you to be doing the same things all the time and not getting anywhere. I know I have been there many times too! Because I have been there done that,  I can help you to grow your business or maybe it’s just getting your life back on track. Only you know, what you feel like, by reaching out for help you have just taken your 1st step.

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