Are You Ready to Deliver Your Message?

Are you ready to deliver your message out to the world?

For some people even very intuitive people they get scared. how many times have you practiced your talk that you want to deliver to an audience, and it’s not perfect yet?

We all get scared of doing our next video, or tele-seminar or public speaking engagement or? You want everyone to understand you, as you are talking you’ll get some ahh moments. Can you look at things from a different perspective, from the audiences perspective.

I remember several years ago, I was giving a presentation on Leadership, after I got to the event, my powerpoint presentation, wasn’t working, it was OMG, what am I doing to do now?? Well, I knew the points I wanted to cover I just opened up the talk with some questions..(while I was shaking in my boots). When my talk ended, people from the audience came up to me to thank me, I was very surprised.. You see we all get scared, we have to be willing to jump in again and keep doing what we want to do. If your message is important, let’s get going, you can perfect your talk along the way.

When you are ready to move forward in getting your business of transforming out into the world, people let’s talk and see how I can help you. Right now, the two cities I am working in is San Diego, CA and Sedona, AZ, cross promoting people to each city. It’s funny that to get our name known we find ourselves in other cities. This is no different for Musicians, Artists, Speakers the people who have a message to help other people. If you aren’t sharing it, then how are you helping people to transform their life?

One of the things that has been happening is, people who are speakers are asking me if I can get them speaking gigs? At first, I am going that is a whole other game and market, however, after speaking with a guy he shared with me in how we can help them get gigs. I would still advise you to keep doing your own marketing and promoting until we are able to perfect it. It’s going to be a wonderful service!

Then there is another couple who have started a a group called “The Soul Connectors.” it’s a resource center for coaches and speakers..there is much that is unfolding stay tuned.

When you are ready to share your gifts, talents and help people to transform, all you have to do is to reach out and call. Book an appointment to get started. Call me at: 510-320-8332.

Or you can fill out this form, I’ll contact you and we can set up an appointment to see if you are ready.


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