Are You Stuck in Your Business?

Are you stuck in your business? Stop to think about why you started your business. What were you hoping to achieve by starting your own business?

If you aren’t working on your business or not sure where you are heading ask for help. You are responsible for getting customers, into your business. Whatever vehicle you choose to use, you need to be accountable be a leader in your own company. If you need a stuck buster let me recommend Patricia Ogilvie to help you. She has helped me many times. Her new venture is editing, writing and traveling on the road with her hubby.

You can even call me, I can also help you or recommend people for you to talk to.

Get a coach and be willing to listen and take action or whatever steps that you need to take to grow and expand your business. Of course as your Happiness Coach, I can help you as well.

For example, a gal that I knew wanted to do what I am using to stay in touch with her customers and distributors. I got her to sign-up with a service that I was using. She discovered that, her computer needed some upgrading, all she had to do was to upgrade her memory.

This really upset her because it was another expense, rather than thinking it would be an investment. She just became stuck and got angry because this new service was not working, started to blame everyone around her.

The blame was getting in her way to be successful. With this example are you afraid of greatness? Are you afraid to ask for help? Are you are afraid of winning or being wrong?

Fear is not always a bad thing. Fear or blame will not attain what we want. What is it that you really want to have happen? Ask yourself, “How can I change my fears to make it work for me right now?“

Take a deep breathe, mediate and think about what you want to have happen. Think about your situation, put a smile on your face and ask yourself what is really important for you right now.

Form a team of supporters, like an advisory board who will help you through whatever you feel that is stopping you from having the success you want. Look for opportunities that will help you advance your business.

Recently, I realized that if I was going to do Sedona Pies as a business, I really needed to go BIG or just go home. In other words drop it as a business. Leave it as a hobby. Well, my dreams for this business is bigger much bigger than doing it on a small scale. What I really needed was bridge financing, re-structuring so I could take it to the next level.

I was introduced to CEO Space, a few weeks ago, I kept going to their free meetings and after each meeting the club president would call me to say, what do you need next? This actually helped me to clarify what I really needed to do next. About two weeks ago, the CEO of this Entrepreneur club spoke privately to me, and said, “This is what we can do to help you…” I’ll share all the cool things at a later date with you. At this meeting, I said, to my hubby Robin – I am signing up. I don’t want to be stuck any more, I wasn’t going anywhere with the pie business.

It turns out one of my best friends went years ago, to help her get her books published. She has five books now published.

Recently, a single mom had an idea didn’t know how she was going to get to the marketplace. Recently, her product was on the Shopping Channel and was selling out.

You see there are people and resources that can help you get unstuck. However, you have to decide to get unstuck. Make the decision, like I did.

Thank you for reading this.


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