Do you Hate Networking?

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Do you hate networking? Did you know all networking is about meeting people. That’s all. Now if this scares you, you may not be making enough sales. “All good businesses are personal, the best businesses are very personal.” According to Mark Cuban. Are you are making the money you deserve? • Is your business doing as well as it should be? • Do you struggle with using relationships to grow your business? • Do … read more..

How to create the greatest customer experience

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How to create the greatest customer experience ever. Here are five simple starting places to help you differentiate your business. Do you have a small business that’s struggling to differentiate itself? Is your service acceptable, but still well short of even your own expectations? Maybe you’re the uneasy captain of a giant corporate function where growth has stalled and your “loyal” customers keep looking for other options. 

Many elements can make a business fail, … read more..

How’s your customer loyalty?

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How’s your customer loyalty? This helps you to stop to think, “How we can get more readers or surfers to purchase our products and services from our website?” If you only just tweaked a couple of things in what you do, it is more than likely there will be an increase the loyalty of your clients. There are several ways to increase customer loyalty. Below are a few suggestions that may not be new … read more..

Celebrating World Kindness

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Celebrating world kindness day is Nov 13 every year on this day, by being kind to myself is self-love. Celebrating your life’s adventures even the baby steps of fun, ease and joy will help you to stay grounded. I’ve been rather busy with other things in my life, yet if I pause just to say Thank you, or remember the steps I’ve made then I can say I am being kinder to myself. Sometimes … read more..

What does increasing referrals mean to you?

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What does increasing referrals mean to you? Do you have a program or system that helps you get more? Many people will ask on forums the best way to ask for referrals and how do they get them. I see this question all the time. I would say, if you have asked and you still can’t get referrals then ask yourself what am I doing wrong? * Look at your services, were they good … read more..

Does Kindness Really Work?

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Does kindness really work? If you think this is true, then you ought to test it out. A friend of mine Kimberly Wiefling is the author of Scrappy Project Management, published in Japanese, and the executive editor of the whole series of 5 “Scrappy Guides.” Her favorite is Scrappy Women in Business, a collection of the stories of a dozen scrappy businesswomen. She works primarily with globalizing Japanese businesses, traveling extensively in the US, … read more..

Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning for small business owners could also be called strategic marketing. This audio call was created when Bonnie and I created a safe space for small business owners about what is strategic planning and is there a difference in calling them tactics. “What is the balance of where I am going and how am I going to get there.” What was surprising is how many people think planning is about the tactics, one … read more..

The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Heard About Kindness

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The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Heard About Kindness Is that it doesn’t work and it’s not measurable!! It’s not good for business. Let’s start with measuring of where you are now, take the Kindness Performance Indicator survey. Once you have completed it, take a look at your answers to see how you can improve upon your business. Here’s the KPI for Kindness survey to see where you are at: How will doing a Kindness … read more..

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