Is Your Social Net Working – Part 2

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Is your Social Net working, this is part 2, it follows you around wherever you go to be social. If it’s not working for you here are some great rules to follow. There are some rules I try to follow: 
* Be positive – if you have a bad day, don´t let others be bothered with that. You DO NOT HAVE to update your status every day. 
* Be friendly – encourage others when … read more..

30 Ways to Get Visitors and Friends

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These 30 ways to get visitors and friends to your blog were ideas and suggestions from the Marketing for Artists group on LinkedIn. 1. Use descriptive key words. Hubspot has a great program for this. 2. Keep your website/blog updated – 2-3x per week 3. Do a newsletter and submit it to bookmarking sites – Stumpleupon, Delicious, Digg 4. Participate in forums or groups 5. Write articles and post them on article sites 6. … read more..

10 Lessons on Building Trust

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There are many ways to building trust on your website, here’s 10 lessons learned. You can’t do too much to build trust. Most of it comes down to common sense and good business practice. To ensure that you are continually improving your trustworthiness, every time you go to a website, ask yourself whether you trust it or not. Then ask yourself why you have formed the opinion you have. Continually try to learn what … read more..

How to Create a Successful Community

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How to create a successful community, are about excitement, engagement, relevance and participation. “The goal of a successful community design is to bring out the community’s own internal direction, character and energy..what makes them successful over time is their ability to generate enough excitement relevance and value to attract and engage members..nothing can substitute for this sense of aliveness.” *Cultivating Communities of Practice, 2002 When I look at many groups on Linkedin, there are … read more..

10 Ways to Cultivate Relationships

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There are many ways to cultivate relationships on line, here are 10 ways in which you can begin. 1. Create a blog which you will post content to help engage your followers to post, read or subscribe to, be sure to have a subscribe button or a call to action button to your tips, e-zine. I would recommend Constant Contact or Aweber or MailChimp with this. 2. Comment on other people’s blogs or posting … read more..

Is Your Social Net Working?

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Every person has a Social Net..from connecting with people, by networking. The question is your social net working? How does or is Social Media networking/marketing working for you? Are your connections helping you? Here are comments, feedback from the creatives… Most people like Artists and other professionals like to think that Social Marketing is a fad, or it’s too time consuming, they all have merits and need to be considered. However every person has … read more..

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