Be Your Own Inspiration, Free Yourself

Be your own inspiration, free yourself. If your life is your canvas, what and how do you want to create it into a masterpiece? Have you ever wondered and asked yourself this?

Rather than allowing other people in your life or the public to define you, why not define yourself?

Be an artist think about the colors in your life, your performance as a person, who are you? Do you allow yourself to to be a painter, novelist, poet, filmmaker, a baker, or whatever you what your life to be. Sculpt it into something that you would be really happy with.

Michelangelo is said to have removed that he released David from the marble block he found him in. Your life has a painting of its own. Some people tune into the frequency, their own energy waves, or simply by listening to what the Universe is saying, once you are willing to allow the Universe to collaborate with you, you’ll find more synchronicity happening in your life. Your canvas will become rich and vibrant.

We cannot escape fear. We can only transform it into a companion that accompanies us on all our exciting adventures..Take a risk away –one small or bold stoke that will make you feel great once you have done it.” Susan Jeffers

How can you get started in creating your life as a masterpiece? Once we are willing to explore this concept, what would you be willing to try doing or adding into your life. How about:

  • Stand-up comedy
  • Dancing
  • Drawing
  • Basketball
  • Sky diving
  • Bunge jumping
  • Acting classes
  • Singing lessons
  • Learn to shoot video
  • Taking an art class
  • Take a step into something unknown
  • Start a business
  • Be a friend
  • Explore your creativity
  • Acquire a new skill
  • Go after something you have always wanted to do

Take one step at a time, in create something that is scary yet it’s a new adventure. Be sure to surround yourself with people who are willing to treat you well and respect you. I have found when I am bored in my own life..I write down the kind of people I want to be associated with. What are their characteristics, are they willing to support me, and whatever is important to me. Once I did this, I gained some new friends and I also lost some very old friends. Did we grow apart or what it that they didn’t fit into what I wanted/needed at the time?

It the same thing in writing down what kind of things you want to experience in your life, what new adventure do you want to add to make your life fuller? Keeping asking how? or What’s next? Allow the answers come to you, allow the Universe to collaborate with you. Say yes more often. Don’t let people let you down. When you are faced with something that didn’t work out, immediately take another step. If you give your loss the power, then it will be harder to get up again. Don’t allow being too old to do anything. Your masterpiece is waiting for you, go out and create it.

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