Being Good is NOT Good Enough

The sad truth is that being good is not good enough anymore. Even the best of business owners will suffer and struggle, and may even go broke without a steady flow of current of new to good customers.

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For many independent business owners that seek me out, they are doing an outstanding job operating the business, but lack the knowledge of skills, savvy and experience to get their customers in the door and keep having them coming back.

Without a support system in place, whether you form your own mastermind group, you have a buddy or you join others in helping you build your business or services you may go broke or quit because it takes time to build and make it work for you.

Getting sales is a process not an event. Without a marketing or social media strategy you will likely stay where you are. Where do you want to be? How are you going to get there?

I have found my Mastermind Group to be invaluable. I can always ask for feedback or extra support when I really need it. Plus, it’s feels so good to be able to offer my support, help and ideas when someone on my team needs it. We need to face that we can’t do alone, bigger companies don’t do it so why should we think we need to do it? Collaboration, support and shifting in sharing our insights will only help us to grow.

The day to day things that we have to do, like what’s on our to do lists, or however you keep yourself organized is great when we can do things on our own, we then can then be in our silo. When we are ready to grow, meet new people and expand our horizons, a group of people can really help. I don’t know about you, sometimes when I am in my own forest – can’t see the trees only the forest.

When you are ready I strongly encourage you to join a group that feels right for you or speaks to you. It’s true to have a better world we need to be kind to ourselves so we can create better products and services so we can be passionate at what we do. Otherwise, we’ll die on the vine..as the title of this post says- “We just can’t be good enough anymore we need to be better or great, than good enough.”

After reading Gary Vanderchucks’ book Crush It and watching some of his video’s it only inspires me to keep moving through my own challenges and obstacles.. to help with all of those my Mastermind group is the BEST! If you feel compelled to join a group, I invite you to check out my Marketing Group as well as other groups, be sure to find one for yourself that will work for you. It’s important!

I invite you to join a Mastermind group.


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