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10 Relationship Tips to Keep Your Customer Happy

Here are 10 relationship tips to keep your customer happy. This will build goodwill and trust for a continued long-term relationship with you.

Give your customers/clients little favors – it will build goodwill and trust for a continued long-term relationship with you.

If your customers ask for help like how to publish a book or e-book, provide theme with articles, resources or content them with people who can provide this service

When a customer asks for a favor, don’t ignore them or say “Yes”, and then don’t follow up with them. Or hope that they will forget about it.. If you have forgotten about it, ask them if it would be okay to refer them to someone else to help them.  Just let them know it’s not really up your alley, and you feel they would be better served with someone else.

 Check in with your clients/customers about every month, to see how they are doing. Maybe they are sick, go the extra mile and send them a get well card, or have a pie or dish delivered to them. Or send them a newsletter, or webinar about relationships for them.

 Some social events you may get invitations from your clients – “Do you have to accept?” No, you don’t, however an appearance even for a short while like an hour, can mean a lot to them. They likely want to introduce you to some people and get to know you better.

In a soft economy, it’s a buyers market, your customer service needs to be extraordinary. If you give sub service and attention they will go to other vendors.

Give a guarantee or customer satisfaction to your customers. It give them some reassurance that you have a policy in place – like your people come 1st, rather than profits and the shareholders.

If you are applying for jobs,  by offering a solution to increase their sales, to get repeat business. By doing this you are adding value to a business, therefore,  you will more likely get offered position or referrals for your services.

Today’s customers are more demanding than ever, however it’s still possible to keep your customers and employers happy with you and what added-value to add to their business. Give more value that what your customers can expect. Treat them like friends, just treat them better.

Create a variety of plans and programs that you can offer to your customers, this way they can grow with you and can choose what they can afford or what’s available in their budget right now.  For example, one of my referral partners, was in  health benefits, he had some challenges in getting to bigger companies, that’s where more money is. I simply, suggested that he spend some time prospecting for smaller companies with five (5) or more. As these companies grow, they’ll grow with you.. They’ll be able to refer you more easily.


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