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10 Tips to Build Your Trust Factor

These 10 tips to build your trust factor will get you started. Not only is it about your reputation it’s about branding yourself to who you serve.

1. Publish REAL testimonials and third-party endorsements. Always use real names and link to websites where possible. Some websites will post pictures of people and the letters they send by happy customers.

2. Publish case studies about customers you have helped, who use your product, etc.

3. Don’t put down, curse or insult competitors. It’s unprofessional. It is better to offer an objective comparison of competitive services or products. Or write a review about them in a positive light.

4. Focus on building your long-term reputation, not just on making a quick sale.

5. Write articles for humans, not search engines.

6. Make your ‘About Us’ page personal and comprehensive. It plays an important role in making visitors feel comfortable so they know there are real people are behind the company website.

7. Publish your photo or the photos of the key people involved with the site. Again, this reinforces the fact that there are real people behind the screenshots.

8. Clearly identify who is behind the site. Nothing creates more suspicion than a site that tries to hide the identity of its publishers.

9. On the ‘Contact Us’ page, provide an email form, telephone number, fax and address of the company. In Europe, it is a legal requirement for sites taking funds, but even sites driven by advertising will benefit from their openness.

10. Provide a telephone number that people can call and talk to a someone.

Written by Evan Rudowski of Subhub
Subhub provides all in one solutions to rapidly design, build and run your own membership website. Find out more about Subub at their website.

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