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10 Tips to De-stress Yourself with Kindness

10 tips to de-stress yourself with kindness during the COVID-19 Virus, lock down. The virus is a disruptor for most of us. Technology disrupts us all the time..

How we deal with being at home, wherever home is to you, will depend upon how you treat yourself and other people. Kindness is really powerful! With this in mind, I am sharing some ideas on how to deal with the stress of this health situation, maybe perhaps you’ll keep them going and practice self-kindness.

The video is about 14 minutes long..

Kindness is really powerful – volunteer, take yourself out for walks, cook, bake, help others. I know many neighbors are offering to do errands and shop for people who perhaps can’t get out. Your local Next Door app, some of the neighbors are helpful.

If you need some additional support, I offer Hypnotherapy sessions on a sliding scale. I understand some of us, including me, have lost your job/s, wondering what you can do next..

What is Hypnotherapy? It can heal and supercharge you for greater things you want to achieve.. I’m working on helping people with mental health issues, like depression, suicide, PTSD, bullying.. If you are more self-aware then you can have a healthier life.

I am here, if you need some support – please use my calendar to book a call.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them below. You know what to do. Please be courteous. If you feel this post would help someone please share it! I appreciate you.


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