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10 Tips to Improve your Marketing

10 Tips to Improve your Marketing you can implement them today. Do one each day or schedule a day that you do your writing, promoting and marketing.

Marketing tip #1

Write your own e-zine to reach new global customers. Use a E-mail service company such as Mailerlite  I like it better than MailChimp as they have become a marketing agency. You may want this eventually.

Marketing tip #2 

  1. Develop Partnerships for your Biz
  2. First, tally up all your marketing assets of what you can offer to a potential partner in terms of exposure. Find a niche that you can own. 
  3. Assign yourself or someone else to develop these partnerships 4
  4. Nurture your relationships as it may take anywhere from 3 months to 1
    yearly to finalize a partnership

Marketing tip #3

Get your own Blog such as: WordPress Use a blog to promote your book, your e-zine, your website. Some people have personal blogs. Just remember when you write that it is like putting it on TV. I just helped someone set up a blog on they are now charging for hosting.. Since I moved to GreenGeeks, Great customer service, inexpensive.

Marketing tip #4

Offer a FREE bonus or booklet about your own expertise – tips about _____. Now it’s about creating a CD or Video.

Marketing tip #5

Develop referral sources – these are warm to hot people who have used your services or they know what you are capable of. Let them be your spokesperson.

Marketing tip #6

Join Linkedin or another social networks – ask me for an invite to my network at Linkedin
There is also, it for local businesses. Don’t forget to sign up for NextDoor, your local neighbors.

Marketing tip #7

Develop partnerships for your products or services. This could be affiliates or vendors or other people that you do business with.

Marketing tip #8

Adopt a cause marketing partner – these are nonprofit groups or causes. It will help the both of you tap into markets or customers you would not have gotten on your own. For example, for the Kindness Matters Conference we donated to the World Kitchen, as they cook and serve food to those in disasters. And NerdsInc., they serve the youth for bullying and create kindness ambassador.

Marketing tip #9

Establish a Seal of Approval – Give Awards or Sponsor an award

Marketing tip #10
Write articles and post them in your newsletter, blog, e-zine or offer them to other newsletters for content. Submit them to Article Banks like e-zine articles or HUB Pages.

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