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14 Ways to Grow Your List with a CTA

The 14 ways to grow your list is with a CTA, meaning a- Call to Action..most recently mobile advertisers or text advertisers are offering workshops in how to get the attention of the the people who visit your site.

This CTA is the lowest way to get people to take action on your products for services. Only 6% of mobile users are being targeted right now. Maybe it’s a good thing, because it’s not heavily used. You also, need to consider if your product is going to benefit from using this tactic.

I don’t think selling or having a CTA for art work is going to work. A mobile capture would work well for restaurant or food services.

It’s amazing of how many times I have gone to a website or blog that an Artist has asked for feedback on their site, how can they improve it? Mostly because they don’t get the visitors that they would like to have who then they can convert into customers or buyers for their art work.

Say you are out for lunch, and you are wondering where is a good place to go eat lunch? If there is an ad or coupon for a lunch place then you may consider taking up the coupon offer and go to that location.

CTA are using ways to convert your visitors, readers, fans to op-tin to your newsletter or get a FREE report or gift. It’s a way to grow your list. Who is in your list and how do you keep in touch with them, will depend upon how long they hang out with you…and it will also give them an opportunity if they really want to do business with you. Like take you up on your coaching program, or buy your art work or workshop or..whatever services or products you are offering and they need or want.

Growing your list takes time and effort..for example I created a series of Social Media tips, it was a blend of video’s, text and e-books to help you to get started. It’s very simple yet doable for the Do It Your Self’er (DIY’er), or for new Start up’s.

You can grow your list, by offering the kind of things I am doing or you can do a newsletter. Here’s a few other ways that you can grow your list with.

1. Newsletter subscriptions
2. Forward the newsletter or report to a friend
3. Offline shows and events
4. Having social sharing buttons on your site
5. Social sharing buttons in your email
6. Registration forms for downloads or workshops or tele-seminars
7. Registration for a purchase
8. Online events/webinars
9. Paid search – like Paid per click or Google Ad words
10. Co-registration programs, some call this a JV
11. Mobile phones
12. Contests
13. Free Trials, giveaways, samples
14. A sign-up page when they are checking out of your shopping cart

You want to be sure to have a CTA on every page according to Hubspot..the thing you want to be sure is that you want a quality relationship with those that opt-in, if you aren’t then they are just fillers, lurkers. If they aren’t the right people for your business then you will begin to feel you are wasting your time.

If you doing have enough CTA’s on your site, now I have given you a few ideas in how you can get started and why you really need to consider in doing this.

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